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Gender Marketing Encounters: Karine Lienhard

Pernod/TAC (The ABSOLUT Company) Interview
With Karine Lienhard, Regional Director, South & West Europe Brand Development – Pernod/The ABSOLUT Company

Karine Lienhard, Regional Director, South & West Europe Brand Development – Pernod/The ABSOLUT Company

3rd February 2012

Agence L / Womenology
Do you see any differences in female purchasing or consumption behaviour in the markets that you’re responsible for?

Karine Lienhard
I manage a dozen markets in Europe and yes we see differences from one market to another.
In the United Kingdom, for example, women’s purchasing behavior is very compulsive, driven by brands’ promotional strategies and innovation.

Wine is no longer a man’s business

Surprise in the world of wine: the best wine grower of 2011 is a woman.

Astonishing? Not really. Women are more and more interested in wine, becoming wine growers, wine stewards, buyers or just consumers. Let’s look at their importance in the sector.

Wine is not solely reserved for men

Even though a long tradition links men and wine (cf. “Women and wine”), women were often kept back from its consumption and production. Female drunkenness, considered to be vulgar, was banned. It was a privilege permitted only to prostitutes. Yet, in her book entitled “Les femmes et l’amour du vin,” the French researcher Segolène Lefèvre reveals that in antiquity, women from Babylon took part in libations and even queens could drink wine. A situation quite opposite to that of Athens, where women didn’t have the status of citizens and where their attendance during banquets would have been considered scandalous.

This is all changing today. Women have not only become consumers but a considerable economical target: 70% of wine purchases in France are made by women.
Many events have taken into account women’s investment in this domain. In 2007, Didier Martin created the “Féminalise” competition. Female professionals and oenologists get together once a year in Beaune to vote on the best wines. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to the best quality wines but, above all, “it’s the guarantee to have a wine which has been liked by women and which will seduce men”. The international women and wines competition was also created in 2007. Competitors are male and female but, as with the Feminalise competition, the jury is exclusively formed by women. Two competitions in which the medals awarded guide women’s purchase decisions. They shed light on the role of women in the world of wine.

Women and wine

Wine is today a woman’s game: over 70% of wine is purchased by women today!

Far away from traditional notions that wine is purely a man’s drink, after the women’s liberation movement in the late 60s, archaic notions of vulgarity associated with wine melted away and it became a quite popular drink for intellectuals and artists.

In 2009, half of French women (along with 92% of Americans and 2/3 of Germans) stated they drink wine at least once a week. Patterns of consumption have also changed, with less and less regular drinkers, but an increasing amount of occasional drinkers who want to drink less, but higher quality wines.

Surprisingly, women strongly prefer red wine, with 2/3 of French women and 79% of Americans stating a strong preferences for the more concentrated and aromatic red. Marketing to women in wine is not only about having pink labels, though: the French marketing agency I.D.Vin led a study and found the 5 key traits to effectively communicate to women in the wine sector.

To find out more, keep reading the blog.

Champomy coordinates mums’ tips on the Net

Champomy has launched a website gathering together various articles posted on mums’ blogs. The brand simply coordinates blog posts on the site “behind the scenes” and proposes a link towards a list of Champomy’s celebration ideas.

The website features several sections related to the drink’s festive dimension: Parties, Outings, Leisure & Creative Activities, Recipes and Favourites.

The initiative is regarded by the public as fun, useful, packed with great tips and nice ideas for mums looking for inspiration. The site is clearly used as a place for mums/parents to discuss and share ideas: « Very interesting ideas like the recipes for birthday cakes, so yes, I do like it! »*

* From a QualiQuanti study sac michael kors outlet

Evian launches a website to help mothers

Evian partnered with the agency to offer future mums a website that provides them with the information they need.

In order to help them find their way through the huge amount of information available online and the unreliability of some articles, the content of the website has been organised and approved by midwives and a paediatrician.
The site deals with all types of topics, from health to early-learning activities, along with feeding, childbirth, wellbeing and beauty.

It also offers a few useful and customised tools (pregnancy memo, calendar, hydration calculator, etc.)

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