Nestlé’s looking for its « Top Mom »

Riding the wave of success on the Top Chef show, Nestlé, in partnership with JWT Paris, launched a series of mini-cooking competitions called « Top Mom ».

Six mothers will have several 5 minutes challenges using chocolate cake preparations of the brand Nestlé Dessert. They will be judged by a jury of three children. Furthermore, each week during a little over of a month, a video of different challenges will be published on the site  La table à dessert. At the end of each test, a mother will be eliminated. 

By associating its brand with a cooking contest, Nestlé promotes the quality and practicality of its products. Throughout the last decade, the kitchen has once again been a hobby accessible to everyone. « 15 years ago, either we already had a solid foundation, and cooked or we were beginners and did not dare to get started. Today, the cooking middle class has re-emerged and shepherd’s pie can once again be a festive dish. « , says Nicolas Bergerault, President of “l’atelier des chefs” (a company that offers cooking lessons) (1)

The appeal of the kitchen is also related to the “do it yourself” trend, particularly strong in times of economic crisis. « Why let another person do it –and pay for it– when you can do it yourself ? And taking pleasure while doing it! « Home” cooking has been experiencing a real boom. Culinary emissions on television, books, newspaper headlines and other gourmet items, cooking classes, blogs and websites devoted to food continue to grow. Thus, about 84% of the French practice home cooking regularly or occasionally for health reasons and pleasure first, but also for economic reasons.« , explains Sonia Deschamps journalist in ‘Humans Sciences Magazine’. (2)

There is no more guilt to use cooking facilities because cooking has become, above all, a way to spend time with your family and have a good time. Nestlé has noticed and understood these developments by praising these “Top Moms”.

Sources :1 : Article Nouvel Economiste, 05/12/20122 : Article Sciences Humaines, janvier 2013

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