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Women and Cars: a long-standing history

For many years now, automakers have been trying to attract women; they do this by expanding their product offers and developing their designs, those range between rounded design, colour variations, sales of electric cars and many more. In order to decrypt the special relationship women have with this traditionally male sector, Yoann Demoli, PhD in Sociology, specialist in automotive offers closer look. (1)

Do women and men have the same look on cars?

When we asked if they enjoy driving, women respond twice as often as men that they do not like to drive. If getting older makes men less likely to enjoy getting behind the wheel, it does not seem like a decisive factor for women: their dislike of driving seems independent from the age, however, men and women mostly say that they love to drive (75%).

Men and women have different uses of cars. Looking at the indicator of the distance travelled by each gender, we see that men drive about 20% more than women on average. Such differences are found between all individuals, even if their course or their demographics characteristics are very different.

Given the very different qualities of men and women’s car fleet, I think that men and women differently weigh what they can expect from a car (comfort object, subject of achievement, aesthetic object or utility object).

Renault Clio: the « Va va voom » for men and women

In March 2013, the Renault Clio launched its famous slogan « Va Va Voom » across the Channel to attract English-speaking people who like the French romanticism. Through a commercial filmed with a « hidden camera », Renault trapped his feminine and masculine clients and exposed them to all the clichés of the Parisian charm.

« Moulin Rouge », « Voulez-vous couchez avec moi », « Je t’aime », « Eiffel Tower », just ask a few English what their favorite French words are and you can get an idea of one of the main pictures of France abroad: the country of eroticism and romance.

« Va va voom », the Clio’s charm

This « French touch » is the selling point of the Clio across the Channel. “Va va voom” has
been the slogan of the brand for a few years and Renault proudly uses this expression in its advertising. “Va va voom” is said about something exhilarating, erotic and exciting.  In the 2011 campaign, Thiery Henry compared it with the French “Wow”, and Vita Dita Von Teese described it with all her sensuality: « Va Va Voom expresses passion or sexual desire for something. Maybe it is not sexual, but it makes you feel like that when you see it. You want it and you cannot even explain this desire.

BMW i: unisex electric cars

By November 2013, the BMW i brand dedicated to sustainable development of the German manufacturer, must formalize the launch of these two electric models: the coupe concept i3 and i8 concept spyder. These cars promise to combine innovation, environmental sensitivity and hedonism.

BMW: an eco-responsible company

BMW has been working for years to improve automotive technology. The first electric attempt of the brand was in 1972. Aware of the many changes in our planet, such as global warming, depletion of natural resources and urbanization, the BMW Group is working on its social responsibility. For this reason the BMW i brand was conceived with the perspective of creating new innovative and inspiring cars. (1)