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Clarins: « Pregnancy marks the most beautiful days of your life. »

Be reassured, informed, understood, guided, more beautiful. These are the main needs of expectant mothers. Although responding to all these needs is not an easy task for companies, one brand, among others, has established a reputation for itself in the relatively niche market of pregnant women. That brand is Clarins. What factors have caused this success? What is the « baby » strategy of this cosmetics brand?

The long established relationship between Clarins and future mothers

In 1993, Clarins was already making an impact on the cosmetics for expectant mothers market when it published the book « Pregnancy, the most beautiful days of your life. » The brand was launched; Clarins established itself as the brand leader for beauty advice during pregnancy.

Clarins presents the adventures of a female model in Paris

Clarins produced the 21, avenue Montaigne series in partnership with the Vidéo Party website from This series follows the adventures of the winner of the Elite Modèle Look 2008 contest in Paris. Throughout 16 episodes, we watch Laura confide to the camera about what she experiences, sees and feels during the fashion shows, shootings, castings, etc.

Internet users can leave comments (mostly to encourage her) and rate the videos. The model also writes on her dedicated Facebook page regularly. Users can also read about her biography and follow her adventures in real-time with her interactive agenda.

The website is obviously an opportunity for Clarins to introduce its products to Internet users.
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