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When surfing the Internet men and women don’t share the same habits

Despite the fact that men and women have nearly the same connection to the Internet their activities (whilst browsing the web) differ according to gender, reveals a survey by The Observatoire des Usages Internet of Mediametrie, a French audience measurement company, published in November 2011.

Women are more willing to buy on the Internet.

49% of surfers are women, 51% are men. But beyond this equity, Mediametrie Survey shows that women are more inclined to buy online than men. 45% of them made online purchases during last month in comparison to 40% of men, who generally prefer to compare prices on the internet in order to find the best available deals. During the last month 2 out of 3 men compared prices online, in contrast to only 57% of women.

VocalPoint, Procter & Gamble’s content strategy geared towards moms

In launching, Procter & Gamble were experimenting to see how many visitors they could get through word of mouth. The gamble worked well, seeing as today over 500,000 moms are members of this online community focused on providing tips and advice.

The social network provides enriching content with real value added, which is one of the reasons its popularity exploded. The word-of-mouth strategy has also proven valuable in this specific case, because mothers are, in marketing terms, “connectors” who influence those around them in terms of spending decisions. Overall, the innovation and usefuleness of this service has helped Procter & Gamble’s brand reputation and can take it much further than it’s possible to measure.

Rouge by P&G, a magazine and a blog for beauty advice and tips

Rouge is a magazine launched by the Procter & Gamble group as well as the name of a website for American and Canadian women. The website provides women with plenty of advice on fashion and beauty: make-up, moisturisers, hair colouring, hairstyles as well as fashion trends. On the website, readers can ask their beauty questions directly to P&G experts, such as: « What’s the best way to apply blusher? ».

The website’s readers can receive P&G samples or win prizes through competitions. The various P&G beauty products are presented in a dedicated section called La Mosaique.

The paper version, with 60,000 subscribers, is completely free and allows readers to obtain coupons for P&G products.

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Womanity or how the 2.0 World sees women

In 2010, French perfumer Thierry Mugler and the Balistik Art agency launched a participative website called Womanity on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

This site invites men and women from all around the world (the site is translated into six languages) to share their vision of female identity. People are free to contribute and they don’t necessarily need to be registered to do so: videos, photos, text, anything goes! The website has also been enriched with additional content such as portraits of women, exquisite corpses and competitions.

The design is eye-catching with its never-ending mosaic on which you can navigate by clicking and dragging the images.
The website doesn’t contain any type of advertising and it isn’t clearly linked to the brand’s universe. In fact, the only content provided by Mugler is integrated in the mosaic.

With this site, Mugler places itself on the cutting edge of the 2.0 World while promoting the concept of Womanity on which it could capitalise in the future. This canvas of contributions represents a great pool of inspiration for the brand.

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1001 ways to tie and wear a Hermès scarf

Hermès’ partnership with Spill agency allowed a younger target audience to be reached. The I Love My Scarf campaign offered a unique chance for the brand to renew itself.

The website displays new ways to wear the scarf: it’s now an accessory for bags, dresses, skirts or it can even be worn as a belt… creativity and original uses are aplenty!

The Hermès website looks a lot like Burberry’s Art of the Trench site with one difference: you cannot post your own photos. This is quite surprising for this kind of creative photo gallery. Therefore the website is not fully optimising the Web 2.0 technologies.
Since then, the limited-edition line of scarves shown on the website – found only at Colette in Paris – has been commercialised.
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Cook n’Share, Pyrex’s culinary community

When Pyrex launched their sharing website Cook n’Share, it wasn’t just on the Internet but also on Facebook and Twitter pages as well as free iPhone and Android apps.

The site allows cooks from all around the world to post their own recipes with photos and videos and create thematic groups or leave comments. The site also hosts a blog and competitions.

Users can browse the iPhone and Android applications to have rapid access to recipes sorted by ingredient, difficulty, number of guests, etc. The apps can redirect subscribers to the Twitter and Facebook pages or forums if they want to add comments. Both the iPhone and Android apps include a timer that enables users to cook and simultaneously follow the instructions directly from their smartphones.

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