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Challenges in the food industry when marketing to women

A Marmiton study of women found that food is an incredibly important part of the day for women: over three fourths of women cook every day, and over 80% spend over a half hour per day in the kitchen. A few clear trends emerge. Women are looking to vary their cooking with foods from new and unexplored parts of the world.

More and more are taking advantage of readymade meals in order to gain efficiency during a busy workday. However, women are also highly concerned with buying fresh and in-season fruits and vegetables.
Because of this, they are also very interested in labeling and nutritional information on products, something which is extremely highly valued among women in choosing which product to buy.

Cooking up a nice little dish with the SEB pressure cooker

Sometimes it is interesting to look back on the good old campaigns that stood out in our lives.

In the 60s, SEB recruited a famous TV anchorwoman and food writer to convert housewives into using its star innovation, the pressure cooker. The SEB cooker was sold with a recipe book written by Françoise Bernard (who since received the nickname “Mrs Pressure Cooker”) to help customers prepare family dishes. On the menu: watercress soup, pot-au-feu, coq au vin, boiled beef… and other traditional recipes that require the use of flagship products from other brands: Lanvin, Mousline, Maïzena, Tefal, etc.

This recipe book has become a classic of its genre.

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The Babycook Book, recipes for babies by Beaba

The famous manufacturer of food processors has created a cook book written by a young cook and dad (David Rathgeber) to help mums prepare diversified foods for their children.

The book provides information on the nutritional benefits of fruits and veggies as well as tips on how to choose the best ones and how to cook them. Compotes, soups, purées, jams as well as more elaborate desserts like crumbles are featured. The recipe book encourages toddlers’ awareness of new tastes and textures.

A smart way for Beaba to add value to its products while developing the culinary imagination of its customers.
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Get your first Pastry Training Center lesson from your… baking paper

To promote its pastry courses, the Pastry Training Center had the clever idea of offering a free trial cooking lesson on baking paper. Each sheet contained the list of ingredients required to bake shortcrust pastry, the different steps to follow, as well as a drawn circle on which the dough could be placed to indicate how it must be rolled out. All these elements complemented each other and made a traditional Canadian recipe accessible to all.

The baking paper also had a logo with small text that mentioned the training proposed by the centre and – in a discreet but smart way – the URL of the Pastry Training Center website, thus inviting cooks to visit the site.

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More than 200 recipes based on Picard products

Trish Deseine, Keda Black, Stéphane Reynaud and Delphine de Montalier are four very different culinary authors who each play with 9 flagship products from Picard to deliver turnkey recipes that can easily be reproduced at home and served for any occasion. The cook book is sold for €9.50.

The book provides 213 cook kits that are divided into 4 sections: family recipes, light recipes, gourmand recipes and exotic recipes.

Mini sheets which can be cut out and kept in handbags, recapping the list of frozen ingredients necessary for the recipe, are included to help cooks out.

Talk about inciting female customers to fill up their freezers!
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Cook n’Share, Pyrex’s culinary community

When Pyrex launched their sharing website Cook n’Share, it wasn’t just on the Internet but also on Facebook and Twitter pages as well as free iPhone and Android apps.

The site allows cooks from all around the world to post their own recipes with photos and videos and create thematic groups or leave comments. The site also hosts a blog and competitions.

Users can browse the iPhone and Android applications to have rapid access to recipes sorted by ingredient, difficulty, number of guests, etc. The apps can redirect subscribers to the Twitter and Facebook pages or forums if they want to add comments. Both the iPhone and Android apps include a timer that enables users to cook and simultaneously follow the instructions directly from their smartphones.

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