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Interview with Siobhan Freegard Co-Founder of Netmums

Co-Founder of Netmums

Siobhan Freegard Co-Founder of Netmums


25/09/2012 – Paris


Hi Siobhan, could you tell us a little bit about Netmums?

Siobhan, Netmums

Founded in 2000 Netmums is the UK’s largest women’s website. Twice the size of any other parenting site, Netmums is the only one with more than a million unique users each week.
The site hosts over 150 local websites, 1,500 bloggers and 500 national meet-up groups for mums, making it the UK’s top place for connecting parents. And Netmums is the also only parenting site to provide round the clock care. Each year over three and a half million parents are supported by Netmums specially trained teams of parenting experts, including staff from Relate, Women’s Aid and the Family Rights Group. The site also provides one-to-one support for more than 30,000 of the?UK’s most vulnerable mums each year

A strong bond between mothers and brands on digital media

A study conducted amongst more than 1000 American mothers by the agency SheSpeaks was published in June 2011. The results? Mothers are willing to converse with their favourite brands if the content they provide seems pertinent to them… and social media has become the sure place to establish a bond between brands and their clients.

The study shows that mums are very keen on getting closer to brands, especially their favourite brands which play an important role in their everyday life. In fact, these are brands that the mums trust, and being able to communicate with them (via newsletters, forum discussions, etc) enables the bond to be reinforced. 62% of mums (and an even greater percentage in the over 40s) claim to have spoken positively about a brand to their friends when they like their products, as opposed to only 33% when they’re satisfied with a promotion and 6% when they’ve particularly liked an advert of the brand. The product itself therefore prevails when it comes to discussions about a brand.

A digital life before the real one begins

23% of moms-to-be on average post their ultrasound pictures online according to a study by AVG.
While this number is higher in Canada where it has risen to 37%, in France it’s still low at 13% of moms.
Not content to stop there, though, more and more moms are posting photos as children grow up, capturing every detail for all their friends to view on social networks and online photo albums. Only 5% of babies had their own social networking profiles, but a solid 81% of kids less than two had pictures of themselves somewhere online.
To read more about the specific results, continue to the article.

“Digital moms,” a target demographic for e-commerce

Over 90% of “digital moms” buy products online at least once a month.

As a recent study from Ipsos shows, they are principally motivated by the amount of time they can save and the ability to buy online after regular stores are closed. The majority of purchases have a ludic dimension: most money spent online by women goes towards fashion (clothing and accessories), interior decorating, or games for children. Additionally, less traditional vendors like auction sites (eBay) and item exchanges are gaining popularity, though they are far from dethroning the dominant position of online retailers.

Most of women cited excessive advertisements as an annoyance, but stated that this would not prevent them from continuing to purchase online. In regards to the future, thus, e-commerce seems poised for growth among this demographic given its accessibility and favorable standing among moms.