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Innovation must create an original and special relationship by being closer to the women

Meet Dr. Marcel Saucet, Marketing, associate professor and researcher at the University of San Diego. He heads laboratory, expert advice in marketing innovation.

What do you think are the most promising innovations aimed at women sectors?

Cosmetics: During the last 15 years, cosmetics are one of the few sectors of growth. Recent studies have shown the average market growth of 5% in terms of quantity. We can compare cosmetics to new technologies and indeed, this is an area that does continually evolve, and the products become obsolete very quickly as it lacks in the innovation in products, ideas and in the distribution. New beauty box, Birchbox allow consumers to test several beauty products every month when they get subscribed.

Another innovation in the way we distribute with the Lush brand that offers cosmetics for women: Once a year, magazine sellers are clients and little interest except that of the view by itself and thus attract new consumers. Cosmetics are also changing rapidly with new technologies. The case for example, companies that specialize in makeup that offer their clients to test new makeup applications via augmented reality. While you are alone in front of your phone without makeup, applying a clear picture of who you are made up!

The Impact of Gender in the Trademark Registration

In France, brands are protected by the intellectual property law from counterfeit. The trademark registration is done by the INPI. But what is the role of the women in this important step? Do they lay as many brands as men? Do women lay more feminine brands than men? What links can be established between the feminine target and a trademark, the sex of a brand applicant, and his gender?

History of trademarks by women

Women have been very invisible in the world of entrepreneurship and testimony of brands for a long time. « Women are paid less than their male colleagues. They are more exposed to precarious employment and unemployment and have less access to positions of responsibility. In the field of entrepreneurship, women are vastly underrepresented. Women entrepreneurship is however a major challenge for growth and employment, « said David Kimelfeld, Vice-President of the city of Lyon (France) in charge of economic development (1).

What do women think of mobile tablets?

At the end of 2009, Apple announced that it was launching the iPad in the United States and the rest of the world. In 2010, Samsung entered this promising market with its Galaxy Tab, Sony followed in 2011 with the Sony Tablet. The tablet extends the possibilities for surfing, online shopping and web searches.

Four years after the launch of the first tablet, the French, in particular, adopted this innovation with a penetration rate of 10%, about 3 million French households. (1) Both men and women have been tempted by this innovative medium. In fact, the distribution of the iPad is homogeneous across men and women since 2 million women are equipped with a tablet, the same rate as for men. (2)

According to Gartner, U.S. Consulting and Research Company in the field of advanced technology, the growth of tablet sales should be exponential in the coming years. Between 2012 and 2017, PC sales are expected to decline by 20.4% in the world to reach 271.612 million units, while tablet sales will reach nearly 468 million units. (3)