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Interview with Bérengère Bachellerie, the Oémée brand lingerie designer

What led you to develop this range of lingerie for women who have had breast cancer?

Bérengère Bachellerie: Initially, it was a meeting with a sick young woman who adored lingerie who was angry to only find « special » underwear, purchased in orthopedic stores. I then met many others who expressed their feelings of damaged femininity, and their relationship with their chest.

They spoke of their difficulties of finding and offering lingerie that resembles them, they told us that, « before anything else, we are women. »

Passionate about lingerie and emotional as the women in these exchanges, I wanted to support them and to create a brand taking care of breasts, without sacrificing the pleasures of lingerie.

Roche launches Femmes avant tout, to remain a woman in spite of illness

In April 2007, Roche launched a blog called Femmes avant tout (Women, First and Foremost) in partnership with the Jesuisunique agency. The aim was to promote a better image of women with breast cancer. Today the website is about to close after having “fulfilled its task”.

Women with breast cancer, as well as relatives and friends of affected women, can freely post comments on the disease in general or on beauty in particular.

Interviews, news, fashion and beauty advice, messages of support or hope could be read.

A Facebook group was also created for the occasion.
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