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Women and men and their free time

On average, the French have 2 hours of free time a day. What do they do with it? The answer varies, depending on the type of activity, because men and women don’t always share the same tastes when it comes to leisure!

Free time tends to be on the decline: despite the official reduction of the French working week at the beginning of the century, it’s more and more common to work at the weekend or in the evening and to never really switch off from work.

This is especially so for senior staff (a trend that has increased with the development of the Internet and smartphones which make staff permanently within reach). If the day was 2 hours longer, only 4% of French people claim they would spend it working because the majority would rather take time to live.

Disputes over household chores are a main factor in the separation of 1 in 4 French couples

A March Smartdate study of men and women in France shows that when couples fight about household tasks like cleaning and repair, it can often lead to trouble.
23% of those polled wrote that disputes about chores were the main factor in their last separation. What’s more, this is almost equal to the amount of breakups occuring due to adultery (24%).
Women and men could perhaps find it easier to compromise when doing chores by separating tasks according to willingness and ability: another Smartdate study shows that lots of men are willing to do things like ironing clothing which women like less, while women are more ready to do the laundry, something the men like less.