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Dove: the perfect success story in advertising

In 2004 Dove launched a ground breaking worldwide advertising campaign in the beauty industry. The brand created a new way to address their public which aimed to be “real” by getting rid of the complexes that beauty product consumers suffer from. Around 10 years on, how have Dove’s campaigns changed? What lessons can we take away?


Dove confronts women with their own glance

In April 2013, Dove created another buzz with an amazing video showing how women are still struggling to see their real beauty. This new brand campaign, « Real Sketches » features seven women who have been drawn by Gill Zamora, a portrait maker from the FBI. To do this, he only had only the information that these women gave to him, hidden behind a curtain.

Women were made to precisely describe all parts of their faces: shape, features styles, dyed hair…


Dove’s real beauty scales

The aim of the Real beauty campaign, created by the English brand Dove, is to inspire girls with a wider definition of beauty, way beyond the narrow and stereotyped definition that magazines usually convey. Indeed, self-esteem related issues are quite numerous in our societies.

To further this objective, Dove provided some German schools and swimming-pools with scales in 2009, with the assistance of the Ogilvy & Mather German agency. Instead of giving the real weight in kilos, the scales would invariably display: “Wahre Schönheit wird nicht in kg gemessen”, which means “Real beauty can’t be measured in kilos”.

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