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The family is a driving force in the resolution of addiction problems

« The family is a driving force in the resolution of addiction problems » Jean-Michel Delile (psychiatrist, family therapist and ethnologist, specialist in addiction-related issues)

Our teens: bigger consumers of drugs than previous generations?
We commonly hear it mentioned that today’s youth is more depraved than previous generations: 31% of you think so. Essential point: 53% of you think that young people are, above all, more exposed to social pressure than in the past.

Drugs: ineffective prevention?
When asked about the effectiveness of youth drug prevention campaigns, your reponse is clear: only 3% of you think that they are truly effective.

Cannabis: Prohibition, legalisation?
You’re unanimous: legalising cannabis is out of the question! 64% of you voted against it. This is an opinion shared by our psychiatrist: « I’m against it because it risks increasing the level of consumption, but particularly because it favours usage from an earlier age.” On the issue of penalising people, however, our expert finds « excessive, the fact that you could end up in prison for simply using it. It would be more effective to direct these people towards compulsory treatment, rather than incarcerating them. »