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A strong bond between mothers and brands on digital media

A study conducted amongst more than 1000 American mothers by the agency SheSpeaks was published in June 2011. The results? Mothers are willing to converse with their favourite brands if the content they provide seems pertinent to them… and social media has become the sure place to establish a bond between brands and their clients.

The study shows that mums are very keen on getting closer to brands, especially their favourite brands which play an important role in their everyday life. In fact, these are brands that the mums trust, and being able to communicate with them (via newsletters, forum discussions, etc) enables the bond to be reinforced. 62% of mums (and an even greater percentage in the over 40s) claim to have spoken positively about a brand to their friends when they like their products, as opposed to only 33% when they’re satisfied with a promotion and 6% when they’ve particularly liked an advert of the brand. The product itself therefore prevails when it comes to discussions about a brand.

The internet, a main source of information

A large-scale study was conducted in 2010 in relation to women’s behavior in the mass consumption sector and the ways in which they use the internet in buying everyday items (food, hygiene/beauty, household cleaning items,etc).
When it comes to these types of items, 74% of French women use the web as their primary source of information.
Websites oriented towards women are where almost three quarters of women go to get their advice – which means bloggers, journalists, experts, and commenters are all working together to shape the informational environment. Coupled with the fact that women want to see more third-person opinions about products online, online reviews and advice sites and magazines have a large role to play in developing brand communication strategies. To learn more about the study and why women prefer to shop online, read more at the blog.

What do women want—online? A response from Quirks magazine

Women’s use of the internet is changing in tandem with the fact that their own roles in society are changing.
No longer simply defined as the “mother of” or “wife of,” women more and more are defined by their careers and personal interests.

No longer bound by archaic standards of perfection, more and more women are using the internet to get advice, talk about taboo subjects, and sharing experiences with other women.
In this vein, forums are a way to “release & escape,” and conduct “mutual sharing,” terms that a large percentage of women used to describe their goals when using the internet.

Facebook, on the other hand, is seen less as an authentic way to talk to others, but more as an “online runway” in which women need to post the best pictures of themselves for others to see.
So what are the implications in terms of marketing? Women are much more trusting of ads on websites that offer content (like forums dedicated to women) than ads from Facebook, which they tend to view as ingenuine.

“Digital moms,” a target demographic for e-commerce

Over 90% of “digital moms” buy products online at least once a month.

As a recent study from Ipsos shows, they are principally motivated by the amount of time they can save and the ability to buy online after regular stores are closed. The majority of purchases have a ludic dimension: most money spent online by women goes towards fashion (clothing and accessories), interior decorating, or games for children. Additionally, less traditional vendors like auction sites (eBay) and item exchanges are gaining popularity, though they are far from dethroning the dominant position of online retailers.

Most of women cited excessive advertisements as an annoyance, but stated that this would not prevent them from continuing to purchase online. In regards to the future, thus, e-commerce seems poised for growth among this demographic given its accessibility and favorable standing among moms.