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The EveryDay Life Effect, A Source of Well-Being

In April 2013, the P&G Group (Pampers, Ariel, Always, Gillette, Braun …) published a study entitled « The EveryDay Effect » aimed at understanding the power of habits, more specifically the impact of everyday actions and those relative to one’s happiness, well-being and development. This study was conducted in March 2013 with 12,364 people in twelve European countries. (1)

« The idea of routine has a bad image in public opinion: ‘it is necessary to break the habits’, ‘break the daily grind!’ It seems to evoke only repetition and boredom, narrow and sad lives through recurrence of repetitive meaningless actions (…),” says Jean-Claude Kaufmann, a sociologist and director of research at CNRS, he adds: “But there is another completely different side to everyday life, more reassuring and promising. It is even considered as the main feature of the human condition, a structural link that makes sense of and helps build our relationships. » (1)