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The EveryDay Life Effect, A Source of Well-Being

In April 2013, the P&G Group (Pampers, Ariel, Always, Gillette, Braun …) published a study entitled « The EveryDay Effect » aimed at understanding the power of habits, more specifically the impact of everyday actions and those relative to one’s happiness, well-being and development. This study was conducted in March 2013 with 12,364 people in twelve European countries. (1)

« The idea of routine has a bad image in public opinion: ‘it is necessary to break the habits’, ‘break the daily grind!’ It seems to evoke only repetition and boredom, narrow and sad lives through recurrence of repetitive meaningless actions (…),” says Jean-Claude Kaufmann, a sociologist and director of research at CNRS, he adds: “But there is another completely different side to everyday life, more reassuring and promising. It is even considered as the main feature of the human condition, a structural link that makes sense of and helps build our relationships. » (1)

Nestlé’s looking for its « Top Mom »

Riding the wave of success on the Top Chef show, Nestlé, in partnership with JWT Paris, launched a series of mini-cooking competitions called « Top Mom ».

Six mothers will have several 5 minutes challenges using chocolate cake preparations of the brand Nestlé Dessert. They will be judged by a jury of three children. Furthermore, each week during a little over of a month, a video of different challenges will be published on the site  La table à dessert. At the end of each test, a mother will be eliminated. 

Interview with Siobhan Freegard Co-Founder of Netmums

Co-Founder of Netmums

Siobhan Freegard Co-Founder of Netmums


25/09/2012 – Paris


Hi Siobhan, could you tell us a little bit about Netmums?

Siobhan, Netmums

Founded in 2000 Netmums is the UK’s largest women’s website. Twice the size of any other parenting site, Netmums is the only one with more than a million unique users each week.
The site hosts over 150 local websites, 1,500 bloggers and 500 national meet-up groups for mums, making it the UK’s top place for connecting parents. And Netmums is the also only parenting site to provide round the clock care. Each year over three and a half million parents are supported by Netmums specially trained teams of parenting experts, including staff from Relate, Women’s Aid and the Family Rights Group. The site also provides one-to-one support for more than 30,000 of the?UK’s most vulnerable mums each year

The family is a driving force in the resolution of addiction problems

« The family is a driving force in the resolution of addiction problems » Jean-Michel Delile (psychiatrist, family therapist and ethnologist, specialist in addiction-related issues)

Our teens: bigger consumers of drugs than previous generations?
We commonly hear it mentioned that today’s youth is more depraved than previous generations: 31% of you think so. Essential point: 53% of you think that young people are, above all, more exposed to social pressure than in the past.

Drugs: ineffective prevention?
When asked about the effectiveness of youth drug prevention campaigns, your reponse is clear: only 3% of you think that they are truly effective.

Cannabis: Prohibition, legalisation?
You’re unanimous: legalising cannabis is out of the question! 64% of you voted against it. This is an opinion shared by our psychiatrist: « I’m against it because it risks increasing the level of consumption, but particularly because it favours usage from an earlier age.” On the issue of penalising people, however, our expert finds « excessive, the fact that you could end up in prison for simply using it. It would be more effective to direct these people towards compulsory treatment, rather than incarcerating them. »

“Family is Sacred”! Eram Gives New Faces to Mothers

With its advertising campaign “family is sacred”, Eram counts on irony to twist advertising clichés about the family unit.

By showing families with gay parents or a “cougar” mother in a relationship with a younger man, the brand has distinguished itself.

It has been an original and provocative initiative which has disturbed the most conservative people in France.


A campaign which reflects social mutations

“As my two mums say, family is sacred,” announces a mixed-race little girl surrounded by two women with clear skin. “As my mum and her boyfriend, who could be my older brother say, family is sacred,” claims another little girl who is fair-haired. With stepfamilies, lesbian couples, “cougar” mums in relationships with younger men, or adopted children, identities are multiplying. The figure of the mother may be heterosexual or homosexual, family can be “reconstituted”, but the spirit of family remains. This idea surprises and calls out to people in an advertising world which doesn’t always echo social changes. But more than merely being surprising, this ad provokes. It plays on the wavelengths between the expression “family is sacred”, which refers to traditional and religious values, and images reflecting the new family structures. Especially by making the kids be the ones talking, Eram insists on the fact that their lives are not destabilised by these social mutations.