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Diane, the magazine launched by the fitness brand Curves to get closer to its customers

 How do you make a deep and lasting relationship with your clients when your company is a gym? This is the question that arose the International CEO of Curves, Mike Raymond. His response: launch a women’s magazine distributed exclusively in the clubs of the brand. A successful initiative indeed!

Clients only go to his fitness club 2-3 times a week – for the most serious of them. This short amount of time they spend on the premises makes it difficult to establish lasting relationships, which incites them to be faithful to this gym in particular.

So it was with the aim of retaining its customers that Mike Raymond launched Diane, a women’s magazine purchased by different franchises of the brand and distributed free of charge to clients. The magazine talks about sports of course, but also dieting or shopping – in short, a variety of topics around the theme of well-being. The Curves brand without being omnipresent, is frequently cited, for example, all customers who visit more than 500 times are entitled to a mini-portrait in the magazine, thereby accessing national recognition – a celebrity for a day that encourages attendance.

The Women were immediately seduced by the idea, and the quality of the content of Diane. So much so that group session attendance at Curves groups increases significantly each time the new magazine is released!

In 5 years, enrolment and retention has increased significantly, but that’s not all: « The magazine was also established to create emotional connections between Curves and the client, not just make them come to exercise regularly to help fight cellulite! « Said Mike Raymond. And the results are unexpected: the magazine has attracted a host of new clients attracted by … the magazine, which had been lent to them by one of their friends!

Marine Baudin-Sarlet

Nestlé Fitness coaching app

Nestlé provides an iPhone application in addition to the original website that coaches and helps its users keep track of their weight management objectives all year long. Thanks to « Fitness Et Moi » (Fitness Diary), the iPhone app enables its users to follow their programme anywhere.

Developed by the Phonevalley agency, the application includes a personalised programme adapted for everyone; a pedometer to measure the length and speed of a run in real-time, as well as counting the number of steps the runner makes; a dashboard of different daily meals and corresponding calorie content, including a database with the calories of 1,300 types of food; a chart showing the evolution of weight, calories and pedometer functions; as well as a physical exercise section that provides tips on how to work your muscles at any time of the day.

The Phonevalley and ZenithOptimedia agencies reinforced the operation with a mobile media plan (advertising banners and editorial content) for Internet applications and French websites appreciated by 25-49 year old women: Aufeminin, Elle, TF1 Player, Messenger, etc.

The application has been available on iTunes since February 2010. It’s free and well-rated by users (7,400 evaluations). It only took a few days for it to reach the top 15 of the free apps on the AppStore.

Michael Moore, in charge of Nestlé’s digital marketing, stresses the need to enter the intimate universe of mobile phones in order to get closer to consumers: « Downloading an app is something very personal: it reflects your lifestyle. It is a very powerful tool ».

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