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Lacoste Women – they’ve got bite

A polo shirt with an embroidered crocodile. This is the hallmark of the legendary French company Lacoste. Officially born in 1933, the famous shirts adorned with their badge is based on the story of the international tennis champion René Lacoste – dubbed the « alligator » and « crocodile » in reference to his tenacity on the court. Following the diversification of his offer, the brand has managed to develop its image.

Lacoste, the crocodile who wants to seduce women

The brand of the crocodile, which has been around since 1933, wants to re-energize its image by diversifying and attracting new customers.

Target #1: women, who represent only 25% of sales, but are actually 80% of their clients.

The strategy: first, hire designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista (previously at Max Mara) to change up the style. Next, fashion show at New York fashion week.

The brand is also redesigning its 1100 store locations by making them more friendly to women, and expanding their childrens section in order to attract mothers. Only time will tell if this strategy will bring back some ROI.