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Cosmetics brands defend the idea of multi-faceted beauty

Doctors often warn against the images of beauty that are represented in magazines, which lead young girls and women to want to change their appearance at any cost in order to correspond to beauty « standards ». It’s against this unhealthy trend that the planet’s main brands are rising up by putting content online that defends the idea that each woman can be beautiful in her own way.

Leading the way is Chanel that has put a video on its Chanel Make Up Confidential site entitled « Fiction or reality? The timeless face of beauty« . In this video, we see a young woman adopting 5 very different looks successively… and encouraging viewers to also play with their palette to reinvent themselves as much as they want. This cheerful video reminds women that they can also change their style at the whim of their desires and mood, that they can try new combinations of colours, and beautify themselves every day without always being exactly the same.