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Lighter options, the true stars of women’s kitchen cupboards

Unheard of a couple of decades ago, low-calorie and low-fat products have invaded our supermarket aisles to such a point that all foods now have a lighter version – from yoghurts and butter to fizzy drinks. A dieter’s best friend, they are now essential buys for women…

It was only in the 1960s that fully skimmed milk was authorised to be sold. Since then, brands have followed suit and “lighter”, “low fat” and “low calorie” products now make up 20% of products in our food aisles. There are even areas where the lighter option has become the norm: chewing gums that contain real sugar have almost disappeared, and sales of Diet Coke or Coca Coca Zero have overtaken sales of the original version!

Women are without question the biggest consumers of these lighter options. As a result of social pressure which stresses that slenderness is the ultimate sign of beauty, women are constantly dieting or “watching what they eat and drink”: it’s not surprising then that lighter foods are seen as a real philosophy of life and they invade women’s cupboards! Women therefore get the impression that they can eat without consuming calories.