Choreography for Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal

A Japanese lingerie brand have managed to make Aubade and Wonderbra shiver, simply with the help of innovative choreographies performed by women with less than generous busts.. . Surreal but true.

Source : Influencia.

For years, the Japanese have been crazy about Wacoal, a maker of fine and colourful lingerie. Through its new, surprising advertising campaign, launched in February 2011 and named Wacoal Lalan (short, innovative choreographies performed by models in underwear), the brand has created a lot of buzz on the Internet and is finally showing its face to European consumers.

Featuring dancers who are Japanese models, these short video clips aren’t bursting with sensuality like Aubade’s adverts, neither are they filled with unbridled eroticism or ample chests. There’s no sense of perfection either, as is found with the models at Wonderbra or Victoria’s Secret. What then has made these unlikely dances such a success?

Yes, the underwear on show is beautiful but more than that, Wacoal has based its campaign on the creation of a childlike universe: its site is an array of shades of pink, and its original, fanciful choreographies appeal to the little girl that exists in all lingerie consumers, the one who wants to dress up in tutus… reminiscence works, visibly.

Marine Baudin-Sarlet
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