“Family is Sacred”! Eram Gives New Faces to Mothers

With its advertising campaign “family is sacred”, Eram counts on irony to twist advertising clichés about the family unit.

By showing families with gay parents or a “cougar” mother in a relationship with a younger man, the brand has distinguished itself.

It has been an original and provocative initiative which has disturbed the most conservative people in France.


A campaign which reflects social mutations

“As my two mums say, family is sacred,” announces a mixed-race little girl surrounded by two women with clear skin. “As my mum and her boyfriend, who could be my older brother say, family is sacred,” claims another little girl who is fair-haired. With stepfamilies, lesbian couples, “cougar” mums in relationships with younger men, or adopted children, identities are multiplying. The figure of the mother may be heterosexual or homosexual, family can be “reconstituted”, but the spirit of family remains. This idea surprises and calls out to people in an advertising world which doesn’t always echo social changes. But more than merely being surprising, this ad provokes. It plays on the wavelengths between the expression “family is sacred”, which refers to traditional and religious values, and images reflecting the new family structures. Especially by making the kids be the ones talking, Eram insists on the fact that their lives are not destabilised by these social mutations.

Besides, the brand explained the meaning of its campaign in a speech taken up by the French newspaper Libération: “At a time when there are more and more divorces in France and homosexual marriage has just become legal in New York, Eram speaks frankly and in streets and magazines it posts portraits of families which are never shown in ads:  restructured, recomposed, split. Children who have two mums, others who have one father, a mother and three stepmothers and families in which the stepfather is young enough to be a brother. In other words, the way families are in “real” life.  But if families split, the spirit of family stays. Because, be what may, family is sacred. “

Facebook for experimental marketing

The idea of “sacred family” was considered as a sacrilege by some customers. However, Eram had anticipated this kind of reaction by creating a page on Facebook entitled “let’s talk about family” in order to receive people’s comments. But the dialogue was quickly morphed into a fight between conservative positions: “What you are promoting isn’t family. You want to weaken and break up the family. Gay parenting is a form of child abuse because it’s a lie about identity”, and progressive visions: “a family is a group where people stick together, whether it’s an ordinary family, a stepfamily, one with a single parent or a gay parent!”. To Eram, Facebook was one of the tools used for communicating this advertising campaign and for observing customers’ reactions.

With the “family is sacred” series of advertisements, the brand has shown that it has a progressive approach. Going against the grain of traditional ads, Eram makes a splash.

A feminist and anti-stereotypical brand

In its new campaign, Eram provokes in two ways: by talking about a homosexual couple and, especially, a lesbian couple. The brand has become quite fashionable and now wants to expand its clientele.

Eram had already distinguished itself in the past, however, by taking a stand for feminism. In 2001, the ads: “no woman’s body was exploited in this advertisement” was poking fun at the traditional image of women being treated as an object by staging an animal, an object or a naked man wearing women’s . In 2004, the mark chose videos that would ironically rework advertising clichés about sexism. One shows a woman who is attending a job interview with men and asserts: “Well, let’s say that my weak spot is that I’m a woman. So someone who’ll be pregnant in two years, who needs to be at home by 7 to look after the kids and who’ll take you to court if you pinch her bum in the photocopying room. On the other hand, the advantage is that, for the same work, you’ll pay me 3O% less than a man. But, well, we spend money much less stupidly than you do… Eram, you’d be crazy to spend more”.

In 2011, the brand took to parodying the ads from “The Kooples” by staging trendy couples. The slogan is also ironic: “Karl is a photographer, Bahia is a DJ. They fell in love at first sight at a roof-top party in New York City. The shoes cost €45.90 and this is really true”.

With its funny campaigns, Eram takes a stand using humour, irony and provocation as a strategy to question social values and get people to talk about it.

The brand was congratulated with the 38th Prize for Exterior Communication in Berlin for its “Family is sacred” and “Couples” campaigns.

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