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Pampers’s know how attracts mums

Victor Mills, American chemical engineer who worked at Procter & Gamble Co in the 50s, revolutionized the baby market when he invented the disposable nappy. Inspired by his own experiences with his grandchildren, the inventor created the Pampers brand, known for its innovation. It was the first company to replace nappy pins with tape, and then the first to develop extendable ties, absorbent gels and multipacks (1970), but its most famous achievement, Baby Dry, came out in the 90s. (1) Thanks to this new technology, nappies became more absorbent and parents’ lives were transformed.

Let’s take a closer look at this market leader. What is its marketing strategy, its advantage over competitors and its market vision?

Innovation gains consumer trust

With its knack for launching innovative new products on the nappy market, Pampers has established itself as the brand to beat, and is now one of the brands most trusted by mums (Study Millward Brown, TrustR , 2011). (2)

Investing around $2 billion in research each year, P&G bases their Pampers brand strategy totally on innovation and technology. In fact, in March 2013, the Pampers Research and Development centre in Schwalbach, near Frankfurt in Germany was more than happy to open its doors to French journalists and bloggers. (3)

How do mothers use their mobile phones?

It goes without saying that nowadays mobile phones and smartphones play a fundamental role in women’s everyday lives. More specifically though, what about mothers? How can we measure their mobile media consumption? These were the questions raised in a study conducted by InMobi in December 2012 in partnership with Decision Fuel with 1523 respondents from 14 countries (1).

Entitled « A ‘new wave’ takes shape », the study demonstrates the changes in mobile media usage amongst mothers. On a global scale, women tend to multi-task more and more; sending text messages or browsing the web on their smartphones whilst watching TV. The mobile has also become an indispensable tool for brands to influence purchasing amongst women who tend to tolerate ads on this new medium. Thus opening a whole host of opportunities to marketers.

The mobile phone: the first device support for mothers

Women reportedly spend 7 hours per day using media. Although this in itself is important to take into account, it is the distribution of this media consumption which particularly draws our attention. In fact mobile media usage counts for 102 minutes, ahead of fixed internet usage (99 minutes), television (96 minutes), radio (48 minutes), tablets (41 minutes), and finally 33 minutes of reading i.e. magazines and newspapers. In other words, on a global scale, 24% of the media consumption amongst mothers is carried out on their mobiles.