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Nestlé’s looking for its « Top Mom »

Riding the wave of success on the Top Chef show, Nestlé, in partnership with JWT Paris, launched a series of mini-cooking competitions called « Top Mom ».

Six mothers will have several 5 minutes challenges using chocolate cake preparations of the brand Nestlé Dessert. They will be judged by a jury of three children. Furthermore, each week during a little over of a month, a video of different challenges will be published on the site  La table à dessert. At the end of each test, a mother will be eliminated. 

Milk capsules for babies. What else ?

Nestlé brings together two of its most successful marketing campaigns and addresses mums: after baby formula milk and coffee capsules, a bottle-feeding kit has now been launched in the Swiss and Liechtenstein markets. While mum and dad make a cup of coffee (or even tea, with the Special-T machine), their baby can also be drawn in by the sounds of the food giant through its BabyNes bottle.

According to Nestlé’s marketing team, it appears that there’s no set age for becoming addicted to a marketing concept: “When she hears the sound of the machine, she knows that the bottle’s ready. She associates the sound of the machine with the bottle.” (testimony from Aïcha, head of the Finance department at Nestlé and mother to an 8-month-old girl). Nestlé therefore wins over all the family.

Nestlé Fitness coaching app

Nestlé provides an iPhone application in addition to the original website that coaches and helps its users keep track of their weight management objectives all year long. Thanks to « Fitness Et Moi » (Fitness Diary), the iPhone app enables its users to follow their programme anywhere.

Developed by the Phonevalley agency, the application includes a personalised programme adapted for everyone; a pedometer to measure the length and speed of a run in real-time, as well as counting the number of steps the runner makes; a dashboard of different daily meals and corresponding calorie content, including a database with the calories of 1,300 types of food; a chart showing the evolution of weight, calories and pedometer functions; as well as a physical exercise section that provides tips on how to work your muscles at any time of the day.

The Phonevalley and ZenithOptimedia agencies reinforced the operation with a mobile media plan (advertising banners and editorial content) for Internet applications and French websites appreciated by 25-49 year old women: Aufeminin, Elle, TF1 Player, Messenger, etc.

The application has been available on iTunes since February 2010. It’s free and well-rated by users (7,400 evaluations). It only took a few days for it to reach the top 15 of the free apps on the AppStore.

Michael Moore, in charge of Nestlé’s digital marketing, stresses the need to enter the intimate universe of mobile phones in order to get closer to consumers: « Downloading an app is something very personal: it reflects your lifestyle. It is a very powerful tool ».

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The Nestlé Baby Club, personalised nutrition advice

Nestlé cares for mothers. In 2006, the brand created a website providing expert nutritional advice for kids. The website now registers 460,000 subscribers and receives an average of 159,000 unique visitors and 6,300 new subscriptions per month.

On the menu: a nutrition navigator. This interactive programme gives information on the nutritional needs of a baby for each age category. It also provides a downloadable guide with menu suggestions for two weeks. Some other sections are available such as everyday life with baby, mums’ tricks, advice from experts, games… and downloadable Nestlé coupons.

The programme also indicates what the growing-up milestones of the child are according to their age (like picking up and holding objects, for example).
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Nestlé launches a website and iPhone app to monitor every stage of pregnancy

In April 2009, Nestlé, along with theOgilvy One agency, launched its iPhone app Devenir Maman (Becoming A Mum) which gives advice to women who are expecting a baby during all 9 months of pregnancy. On the menu: nutritional advice, useful information on pregnancy and baby’s development, but also personalised tools like a baby name guide or a personal photo album.

The application is definitely moving with the times and has successfully followed other apps like Name that baby! or The iPhone Mom. Its design is adapted to modern mums’ tastes with drawings made by the famous French illustrator Pénélope Jolicoeur.

According to its users it is an original and practical application: « I have two daughters and I wish I could have used it while they were kids. It would have allowed me to stop lugging three books around at a time. »

The application received a famous marketing award in 2009.  bijoux pandora