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The keys to online shopping for women

« Purchasing, especially online, allows people to feel part of a large community with values at the heart of it, brand values.” These are the words of sociologist Stéphane Hugon whose doctoral research focused on “The social construction of online identity”. (1)

Through the development of online shopping, individuals are discovering a new purchasing experience, one that’s digital, rich in information and community-based. However, do men and women demonstrate the same behaviour when it comes to online shopping?

The democratisation of online shopping

In January 2013, Ifop (the French Institute of Public Opinion) published a survey comparing online shopping and in-store purchases, the results of which highlighted the advantages of online sales sites compared to their “physical” competitors. According to the study, pure plays are no longer considered by shoppers to be marginal players. When they have the choice, around a quarter of French people – and up to 32% of those in the upper socio-professional category – prefer to shop online rather than at traditional distributors.