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The woman at 60 and the way she sees her body

In « Sans amour » (« Without love », Denoël, 2011), novelist and essayist Pierre Pachet puts himself in the place of a 60-year-old woman and analyses her solitude and her renouncement of seduction after the changes that have left their mark on her body. Is it too pessimistic a view of a woman in her sixties?

« Older women aren’t born looking the way they are now« : this is the opening text from Pierre Pachet’s book. Throughout its 146 pages, he pays particular attention to the sadness of this inevitable descent from youthful beauty and the sadness of these women in their sixties who are betrayed by their bodies, sometimes by the death of their loved one which condemns them to loneliness. « The woman at 60″, the theme that returns throughout the book, is a parallel with the woman at 30 – one’s erotic limit during the 19th century, when life expectancy was 40 at the very most. The age when one is past their best has therefore extended by 30 years but it is no less fearful.