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European mums and their time management

According to a recent study led by P&G, European mums are today confronted with an almost “logistics” style management of their professional, family and conjugal life: we refer to them as “mum managers”.

This European study, carried out in 13 countries and amongst 10,000 mums, reveals great changes in society, as well as new forms of “tension” linked to the individualisation of society and the thirst for personal fulfillment of each individual.
Womenology provides a synopsis of the study through 15 distinguishable results:

1. Men / Women: differences remain over home life and the way its organised

Serge Hefez, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and family therapist, observes fathers making a strong and continual investment, like mothers, within the family home. Differences between men and women persist, however, regarding the nature of this investment and the time dedicated to home life. For fathers, the family home still remains symbolically associated with well-earned rest. It’s a “cocoon”-like place that he goes into after the “conquest”, his fulfillment coming first and foremost from his professional universe. Even if fathers are investing more than ever in home life, they quite willingly attribute the responsibility of the home to the mother.
For mothers, the home remains the focus of their personal and family fulfillment, sometimes leading to a sense of guilt for those mums who would like to invest more in their careers. “The level of guilt is higher amongst men than amongst women,” notes Serge Hefez.

VocalPoint, Procter & Gamble’s content strategy geared towards moms

In launching, Procter & Gamble were experimenting to see how many visitors they could get through word of mouth. The gamble worked well, seeing as today over 500,000 moms are members of this online community focused on providing tips and advice.

The social network provides enriching content with real value added, which is one of the reasons its popularity exploded. The word-of-mouth strategy has also proven valuable in this specific case, because mothers are, in marketing terms, “connectors” who influence those around them in terms of spending decisions. Overall, the innovation and usefuleness of this service has helped Procter & Gamble’s brand reputation and can take it much further than it’s possible to measure.

Rouge by P&G, a magazine and a blog for beauty advice and tips

Rouge is a magazine launched by the Procter & Gamble group as well as the name of a website for American and Canadian women. The website provides women with plenty of advice on fashion and beauty: make-up, moisturisers, hair colouring, hairstyles as well as fashion trends. On the website, readers can ask their beauty questions directly to P&G experts, such as: « What’s the best way to apply blusher? ».

The website’s readers can receive P&G samples or win prizes through competitions. The various P&G beauty products are presented in a dedicated section called La Mosaique.

The paper version, with 60,000 subscribers, is completely free and allows readers to obtain coupons for P&G products.

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Envie de Plus (Crave More), an online community gathered around P&G products

Envie de plus, from the Procter & Gamble group, is both a free paper magazine and a community website. The paper version offers a variety of articles (recipes, health tips, etc.) and coupons. This magazine is considered by its readers to be a real women’s magazine with the advantage of being free : « We can find the same articles as the ones in Prima and what’s more it’s free ».
The new version offers a mini guide of recipes: the Lu suggestion box. Readers are fond of the cross-links between the articles/recipes and the coupons that are included : « In the recipes, we are told to use ingredients for which they offer discounts. It’s an incentive, it’s not like being forced to use their products. »
They also like the website: « I just love the concept. Recently, I’ve printed coupons from the website ». Other possibilities: forums, challenges and articles posted by members, who can earn 150€ if their article is published. huarache noir