Aubade Strips Men Down

In the sector of lingerie for men, targeting women is crucial because purchases are often prescribed or carried out by them. For brands, the issue is difficult because they have to talk to both men and women.

In 2013, the Aubade brand introduced a new strategy to conquer the male audience. « In 2003, we launched a menswear collection, but after the takeover by the Calida Group in 2005, the strategy was focused on retail development, Strengthening product was then used to serve our feminine universe. (…) Today, the women’s collection plan and the network (fifty shops) have reached a certain maturity, we can tackle the men’s market, and even more interesting since it is stable « said Claire Masson, brand manager. (1)

In 2013, Aubade Men comes back with a manly speech

The collection, unveiled at the lingerie show in January 2013, consisted of series of four boxers with printed daring seduction symbols: jail, pinup, handcuff and stamps, all in ten colors. One of the first slogans keeps the brand image and unequivocal provokes consumers: « stop and detain him » with a pun about the name collection: aubadeMen, shown on some outlet logos.

In 2003, when Aubade enters the male market, the brand adopted the traditional feminine codes that have made the success of their campaigns. Male campaign had the same characteristics as feminine advertisements: sensuality, seduction, sweetness. Despite societal changes, this world of seduction is not consistence with the representations of masculinity. Traditionally, the ideal man does not need to seduce, he naturally gets what he wants because of his power, of his stature. Despite the emergence of a speech about a « new » man, aware about the emotions, more introverted, Aubade collided in 2003 with the persistence of codes and cultural representations of masculinity.

Aubade Men: the woman initiates the man to couple’s game

In 2013, Aubade changes its strategy. Man is reduced to the status of « bad boy ». Masculinity is not presented as a sensitive, sensual or emotional, it becomes strong. This is the woman who initiates man to couple’s game. However, the aesthetic Aubade are met (black and white, erotica revealed body).

In 2003, Aubade man touches his chest, symbolizing his sensuality, he is turned to himself, the woman is absent from advertisements. In 2013, Aubade Men ads are very different: it is the woman who portrays the eroticism of the advertising stroking her partner. Similarly, the inclination of the man’s head is typical. In 2003, it was turned down, while in 2013, the man demonstrated a port right head.

Aubade Men’s commercials aim is to attract a male and female public; creations portrays that Aubade women can « control » their spouses, women will recognize themselves in the representation of a blossomed sensual woman. Men can more easily identify themselves in the representation of a virile, dominant yielding to female eroticism. The semantics of this campaign plays on men virilisation. « Stop and detain him » insists on a strong masculine, dominant, letting himself seduced by a woman, but keeping control.

In line with its brand history, this campaign enables the brand to expand its range with the couple’s figure.

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