The changing rooms, the face-off between women and clothes.

The changing room is a pretty pointless place for men: most of the time, they already know what size they need in their favourite shops and buy without trying. This is unthinkable for women who try on 11 pairs of jeans, on average, before finding the pair that fits their body shape (Levi’s study). For a woman, the changing room is therefore a place that gives rise to a specific ritual, with an outcome that can be either enriching or demoralising.

She enters the changing room, hangs up her (potential) future purchases, carefully draws the curtain, and begins trying on the clothes. She then becomes distraught if she spills out of them, or delighted if they fit perfectly.

Every woman has gone through this inevitable experience when out clothes shopping. Yet, there are different « trying on » types, which don’t all have the same meaning for women.

Marine Baudin-Sarlet golden goose

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