Domestic home help services, a precious aid for women

Used more and more by active women to avoid being overwhelmed with household chores, domestic home help services are an excellent way of offloading certain obligations… for a relatively inexpensive price.

Particularly interesting from a financial point of view due to the tax relief that home help services benefit from, they are being resorted to more and more by young active families, mainly when the mother goes back to work while her child is still young.

How do women recruit their employee?

According to a CREDOC study from 2008, the majority of families choose their domestic help based on feeling. Their recruitment criteria are generally quite vague, revolving more around the person’s interpersonal qualities and the first impressions they give, rather than their specific skills (the majority of employers admit to not knowing the level of education of their employee!). Entrusting one’s house or child to somebody requires total trust, and that’s the criteria that dominates the most: 98% have complete trust in their employee and 35% even consider them to be a friend or member of the family. In fact, two-thirds of the time, employees remain with the same family for at least two years.

It’s mostly women who are in charge of recruiting people thanks to word-of-mouth: they follow the advice of friends or acquaintances who have already made use of domestic help services. Women also handle the “social” aspects (daily instructions, conversations, etc.), whereas men generally handle administrative aspects (writing up the contract, preparing payslips, etc).  pandora bijoux

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