Interview with Bérengère Bachellerie, the Oémée brand lingerie designer

What led you to develop this range of lingerie for women who have had breast cancer?

Bérengère Bachellerie: Initially, it was a meeting with a sick young woman who adored lingerie who was angry to only find « special » underwear, purchased in orthopedic stores. I then met many others who expressed their feelings of damaged femininity, and their relationship with their chest.

They spoke of their difficulties of finding and offering lingerie that resembles them, they told us that, « before anything else, we are women. »

Passionate about lingerie and emotional as the women in these exchanges, I wanted to support them and to create a brand taking care of breasts, without sacrificing the pleasures of lingerie.

How are the products you offer different from normal products?

Crédit photo : Emma Faucheux

Bérengère Bachellerie : Firstly, Oémée is a brand of lingerie, with finery, frills, lace and sensual features. The main difference is in the design of the bra. They are all without frames; the cups are lined with bamboo fiber to wrap the breast gently and to avoid an irritating seam. Some models are more enveloping, with an opening in the lining to discreetly add a prosthesis.

 How do you stand in terms of style?

Bérengère Bachellerie : In the lingerie market, bras without frames are mainly basic black, white, or braziers for teenagers.

So I chose to add colour, freshness and elegance; nothing basic at Oémée, instead laces, frills, bows, floral and sparkling prints; and let’s not forget the sexy undertones

We are also very keen on using only ultra-soft materials to protect sensitive breasts.

Crédit photo : Emma Faucheux

Bérengère Bachellerie : What are the alternatives in France and abroad?

Some women buy bras from basic brands and try to sew the lining themselves, in short they « tinker » and « get by », as they have often told me. Others have one style for the whole year in their drawer, now you can see why they can no long stand it. There are two global brands (AnitaAomena) but they are only for women who had a mastectomy with a very classic style.

was shocked by creating Oémée to see that there was nearly 500 brands of lingerie in the world, and none dared to offer models concerned with the needs and desires of women who have been operated on … The necessity to take care of their chest is made clear after surgery, but ultimately one shouldn’t have to choose between comfort, softness and sensuality in our lingerie.

Bérengère Bachellerie : What does the name Oémée mean ?

Initially, I was looking for the name of a woman; I wanted one that was unknown, so that every woman could identify with it. Flipping though, for stylistic inspiration, a wonderful book about butterflies, I saw that name. I was immediately attracted to the curves, the softness …. I found the woman Oémée.

Bérengère Bachellerie : How do you go about getting yourself known?

Word of mouth is the best medium. There was such a demand that women did not hesitate to share their « little tip ». The press also plays a vital role in brand awareness. At the launch, I sometimes regret that we only talked about Oémée in the medical sense, but things have changed in the last 3 years. We have managed to be present in the fashion section of a magazine, alongside large brands (Magasins)

Crédit photo : Emma Faucheux

Bérengère Bachellerie : What was the response from the women you’ve worked with over the last 5 years?

The main response, and certainly the one that moves me the most is Oémée sees and speaks to them as a woman, not sick or old patients. It is also to have the pleasure of wearing lingerie and not wearing a fitted bra! It may seem trivial, but so important when you have had you femininity injured.

Another apsect appealed to them also: Knowing that Oémée was worn by unaffected women aswell … You know, sometimes you do not necessarily want to be frame in society! They have often told me: « I am finally like the others. »

Bérengère Bachellerie : Why is it important to preserve the femininity of women who have breast cancer?

It is essential to support the healing process and especially to accept with their body, that at this point in their lives has been bruised: to look at tmeselves again in the mirror, show her body in relation to each other, and simply feel like a woman. Do not forget that the breast is a symbol of femininity, a sexual object and a nurturing source. As the hair, it embodies the woman. When you have breast cancer, it is this representation that is shattered.

Bérengère Bachellerie : Where are you in relation to this activity and what are your wishes?

Our success is the promise kept to women, and the commitment to offer them a comfortable and sensual lingerie. We pushed the market, glamourising a para-medical and protected market.

The road has been long; one does not change the world overnight, especially when we dare to put into words the pain! My wish: dress more women … I’d like Oémée to join a group with more resources. The launch was successful, just one thing remains … lingerie leaders opinions!

 Daniel Bô

For contact Bérengère Bachellerie :

 pandora pas cher

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  1. Coralie dit :

    Je trouve cette initiative très touchante. Toute femme a le droit de se sentir belle dans une lingerie agréable à porter, qui ne blesse pas et qui soit adaptable. Bravo, je ne connaissais pas du tout cette marque et maintenant j’ai envie de surfer sur internet pour en savoir plus.

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