Sexist Stereotyping, the educational web-movie

In 2010, the town of Corbeil saw the birth of the People’s Education Association Marianne Films. An association that conducts cinema, citizen-oriented projects with youths from the region called Essonne.

Today, two years after the birth of the association, Marianne Films launches a web educational film against gender stereotypes,, performed by young girls in the neighbourhood of Tarterêts.

Return on an ambitious project

From January to June 2012, a cinema workshop « Equality » brought girls from Tarterêts to the MJC Fernand Léger of Corbeil for the realization of a web-film to block the way of stereotypes.

This project helps to educate girls using 2-axis:

– Equality Women-Men

– The implementation stages and cinematic language.

The result is an interactive website where visitors can follow the week of an imaginary character, Sarah, a 13 years old young high school student from Corbeil. This through, interactive short films which only last 2 minutes, and on which users can leave comments.

Each film is about an issue related to equality Girls-Boys through the evocation of a cliché or gender stereotypes:

– Guidance in business

– The role of girls in sport

– The toys differences according to the gender of the child

– Violence against women.

– The eyes focused on the attire of girls

This project was presented on Thursday, December 6, 2012, at la Maison départementale de l’Habitat in Evry in the presentation of the repertoire of actions in Essonne against gender and sexual violence at school. It is a meeting organized by the Centre of Policy Resources of Evry.

The project resumed in 2013 with a mixed group of adolescents at the social centre of Tarterêts in Corbeil. Thinking with young people will this time be on the representation of women and men conveyed in the images their daily basis: specialized games websites for girls or boys, reality TV shows, commercials… maillots foot

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