Smartphones attract more and more women

Who said technological gadgets were a man’s privilege? In 2011, the smartphones market has been marked by growing interest on the part of women, who appreciate it in particular for its easy access to social networks.

Women drive adoption of smartphones

A woman and her smartphone.

During the 4th semester of 2011, France counted 19 million mobile Internet users, a 23% increase compared to last year, according to a survey by Mediametrie conducted in January 2012.

The profile of these users has become progressively more feminine and young. 43% of mobile Internet users are women, up from 40% just a year ago, and about 1 mobile Internet user in 2 is under the age of 35.

“Ten hot trends of consumer for 2012”, a study by Ericsson Consumlab, even considers that women drive adoption of smartphones because smartphones allow them to integrate all the various communications channels in one device. Whereas men use their smartphone for video or VoIP – a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks – women prefer more classical services like calls, texts and Facebook.

Communicating more

In the same vein, a survey by Deloitte reveals that women are greater fans of smartphones and social networks than men. Their survey, conducted with more than 14 000 male and female aged between 14 and 75 in six countries (The United States, Canada, Germany, France, Japan and Brazil), reveals that women communicate daily much more than men.
In France, 53% of them send e-mails daily or almost daily to their friends and family, compared to just 44% of men. In the United States, they number is the same compared to a slightly more impressive 47% of men.

Social networks (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter…), and texts are considered by women excellent ways of contacting their friends. This is the case for 73% of French women (compared to 68% of men), 63% of Canadian women (compared to 54% of men) and 63% of American women (compared to 56% of men). Brazilian people are shoulder to shoulder with both 81% of women and 80% of men using these networks.

Women and communication

Women tend to use text services more than the Internet on mobile phones. Texting is particularly popular among 90% of German women and 89% of French women.
On the other side of the Atlantic, Brazilian and American women most use communication (texts, e-mails, social network, micro-blogging) and photo function while Japanese women prefer using their smartphones for entertainment (photos, videos, games, listening to music, watching videos and audiovisuel contents), which use to be a male trend in the others countries.

Finally, women place as much value on electronical communication as face-to-face meetings than men. The time they spent dialoguing with my friends virtually using instant messaging, texts and social networks has as much value as time actually spent together for 53% of Brazilian women (to 51% of men), 44% of American women(to 41%), 33% of French women (to 31%).

A pocket laptop

Deloitte’s survey shows also that smartphone replaces laptop on the move. This is the function given by 51% of French women (to 45% of men) and 59% of American women (to 53% of men). In other countries concerned by the survey, men are more inclinated to substitute their laptop with their phone.

The importance of stylish

Women are more sensitive to the esthetism of phone than men. Stylish appears as one of the three essential criteria during the consumption for 37% of American people (to 27% of men), 37% of German women (to 22%) and 30% of French women (to 24%). A criteria much more important than new technologies.

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