Thierry Mugler makes its customers feel like stars

« If without perfume, we are nothing, without  image, perfume is nothing, » believes Alain Montandon, professor emeritus of General and Comparative Literature. (1) More than just a simple fragrance, perfume evokes a feeling and an image. Using it is therefore very symbolic for women. Fragrances are surrounded by connotations that brands carefully build and manipulate.

To perfect the relationship between consumers and their perfumes, Thierry Mugler pioneered a unique loyalty strategy.

Closeness with women throughout the brand’s history

Since tapping into the perfume market with its iconic fragrance Angel (which contains hints of candyfloss, chocolate, praline…), Thierry Mugler has maintained a personal and exclusive relationship with its loyal customers. Through an initiative which was started in 1992, every customer is now invited to fill in a form (found inside every Thierry Mugler product) to win the chance to be part of the ‘loyalty circle.’  This is how the Mugler circle was born. Its members are encouraged to help build and live the incredible adventure of their favourite brand, while sharing precious moments and unique friendships together. Such was evident at the ‘Rencontres Célestes’ (Celestial encounters), where every guest was free to express themselves and share their expectations and suggestions for the brand. Ever since the circle has continued to reinvent itself while always maintaining its key values; authenticity, involvement and sharing, generosity and exclusivity. Its members always have a space to exchange and to share a mutual generosity. To keep the relationship strong, product samples are sent to loyal customers at their homes so they can discover new products. The customers are then asked to give the brand their feedback. They are also given the chance to win exclusive visits behind the scenes of their favourite perfume. For example, in 2011, four lucky members were lucky enough to go to New York to meet Eva Mendes, the new muse for Angel for an international Mugler press conference.

How the digital world enhances loyalty programs

A brand that prioritises its consumers and their expectations, Thierry Mugler was one of the first luxury brands to introduce e-commerce in 2007. In the same year, the brand also launched « Blogalaxy, » a site where users can create their own blogs on the Mugler universe.

In 2008 the circle expanded when it created a new online space where loyal customers can get access to exclusive news about their favourite brand before it is officially released! The space also gives them access to exclusive gifts which symbolise their commitment to the brand. For the chance to win, customers need to enter the unique codes found inside every Mugler product. Every time a new code is entered, a virtual perfume bottle fills up. When the bottle is completely full, it means the gift is ready to be sent.

Always looking for new ways to develop their online strategy, the brand also introduced a QR code scheme for the launch of their new fragrance Womanity Eau pour Elles. (6) The QR code was stamped on every Womanity Eau Pour Elles box, on brand press releases, and also to the famous Thierry Mugler Circle. By swiping it with a Smartphone using a « QR Reader » application, consumers were redirected to an interactive and informative mobile site, available in three languages (French, English and Spanish), where they could discover everything about the new Womanity perfume and were given the chance to enter a competition to win a day of their dreams.

In 2012, Mugler celebrated its 20th birthday online

To celebrate the anniversary of the brand’s first perfume, Thierry Mugler wanted to honour its loyal customers and asked them to share their strongest memories of their favourite perfumes on an event site called « Le Mur Céleste » (the heavenly wall). The « most beautiful Angel moments, » which were the 3 most moving stories as decided by an internal panel of judges, including Thierry Mugler himself, were rewarded with a luxury 3 day get-away in Paris. During the trip, the lucky three were given a private tour of the Angel headquarters. On the programme: a private tour of Opéra Garnier for a multisensory guide to Angel, a gourmet dinner at Hélène Darroze who had prepared a special menu for the occasion named ‘Le Gout du Parfum’ (the taste of perfume), dedicated to Mugler perfumes, a presentation of the dresses worn by the brand’s models…

A prize was then given out every day for 20 days to represent the 20 years of the Mugler brand. All customers had to do was register to be in with a chance of winning prizes such as bottles of Angel perfume signed by Eva Mendes, designer jewellery by Mugler, etc. (6)

« Reminiscent of luxury and prestige, fragrance can be synonymous with wealth. We can’t deny that having a certain level of wealth is a widespread aspiration. A spray of perfume can be likened to a « dose » of luxury, a dose which reassures us that we can be happy with what we’ve got. In the same way, luxury perfumes are an indulgence, a reward that we allow ourselves to have.” These are the writings of sociologist Aurelia Duruy, author of a thesis entitled « Representations and uses of perfume, » endorsed in 2010. (7)

Her writings perfectly demonstrate the unique relationship that Thierry Mugler builds with its clients, offering them, through the digital world, a chance to get up close and personal with the magical world of a luxury brand.

Sources :
(1) Quoted from Jean-Jacques Boutaud, «Parfums et images des corps extrêmes,» in Pascal Lardellier (dir.), A fleur de peau. Corps, odeurs, parfums, Paris, Belin, coll. “Nouveaux modes », 2003, p. 141.
(6) ;

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