Women and their heels

They’ve become a symbol of femininity and sensuality that nearly all men say they appreciate. Yet a recent study led by researchers at Northumbria University concluded that the majority of men are unable to remember if a woman who’s just passed in front of them was wearing heels or not; they only notice her overall look… and so a myth falls apart. Does this mean that women should stop damaging their feet in unwearable stilettos? You wouldn’t bet on it!

It’s good news for women who are reluctant to inflict 4-inch heels on their feet just to follow the fashion set by the series Sex and the City: men don’t notice the type of that women wear. One of the researchers, Dr Neave concludes: « Women are spending money on high heels, which can be dangerous, presumably to make themselves look good and add to what nature has given them […]But scientifically we know very little about this.« 

Marine Baudin-Sarlet golden goose femme

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