Women and make-up

According to a study carried out for Dove in 2004, only 2% of French women between the ages of 18 and 65 find themselves naturally beautiful. Not surprising then that 86% of them apply make-up at least once a week!

According to the Dove study, 63% of women think that society expects them to be more attractive than their mothers: the diktats of beauty seem to be reinforced. The beauty seen in advertisements is the ideal to achieve, even though women are aware that make-up alone isn’t enough to transform them into models.

To find out about cosmetics, women use women’s press (80% with, in this order, ELLE, Marie-Claire then Cosmopolitan), TV ads (65%), billboard posters (61%) and information available in perfume shops (60%).

Marine Baudin-Sarlet canada goose homme

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  1. HIEN BERTRAND dit :

    Très bon article.
    Je prepare une memoire de fin de cycle sr la representation sociale du maquillage chez les femmes. J’aimerais bien avoir des articles ou des references sur le sujet.
    Merçi à tout ceux qui voudrons bien m’aider.

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