Women and the Smartphone craze

Women show a growing interest in mobile Internet, as revealed by a Médiamétrie study in November 2012. At that time, they represented 43.7% of people connected to a website or a mobile phone application. This number is steadily increasing, and there are 1 million additional women who are connected to the Internet using a mobile phone compared to November 2011. Furthermore, this increase is greater than the average for mobile users (13% for women against 9% for all mobile users).

An increasing rate of possession

One explanation for this phenomenon lies in the fact that women are more likely to own a Smartphone. In the third quarter of 2012, 49.4% (*) of women using a mobile phone were equipped with a Smartphone, against 39.5% in H1 2012.

Regarding the operating system, Android is the most used by women (47% of users against 45% overall). Regarding phones, Samsung and Nokia are on the top list of most preferred phones by women who do not hesitate to show their satisfaction with these products, or to share advice and brands recommendations. So we can read, for example on forums on Aufeminin.com many testimonies like this: « [the Samsung Galaxy Ace is] super easy, the screen is large, it is very easy and convenient to use and is a QWERTY keyboard!! »

The most visited sites and applications

It is observed that women visit in priority sites in the subcategory of « Family / Parents, » and they represent 62.2% of the audience of these. Websites and applications in the sub-category « Kids/Toys and Games” also find success with female audience which constitute 59.9% of their audience, the trend is for recreational and educational applications, as can be seen on the forums, women are more likely to share their findings on the matter. Thus testimonials like this from users abound on the Web: « Hello everyone, being a parent myself I wanted to share the best iPhone apps for edutainment virtues that I have found lately. If anyone has other suggestions, I’m ready to hear them! »

Note that the « feminine specialized portals » also reaping their game and their audience is now made up of see 57% of women. These portals benefit from the easiness of use permitted by applications, which is very popular within the female audience, « on the Apple store, the Aufeminin application exists. As soon as I get 5 minutes I am on it. « 

In addition, women visit websites of the category « Training / Education » from their mobile phones more than the average, and are 56.6% of the audience of this subcategory.

In a more general way, mobile audience in France has been a real improvement in the third quarter of 2012. More than 9 out of 10 mobile users (92.7%) visited at least one site from their mobile devices and 7 mobile users out of 10 (73.8%) at least an application, reflecting the stability of mobile internet access distribution between websites and applications. The Médiamétrie measure included in November more than 15,407 brands and 3,399 applications against 541 at the beginning of the study in 2010.

Sources :

(*)Médiamétrie – Telephone and mobile services / Mobile Consumer Insight – 3rd trimestre 2012, Main mobile users aged 15 plus

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