Women and wine

Wine is today a woman’s game: over 70% of wine is purchased by women today!

Far away from traditional notions that wine is purely a man’s drink, after the women’s liberation movement in the late 60s, archaic notions of vulgarity associated with wine melted away and it became a quite popular drink for intellectuals and artists.

In 2009, half of French women (along with 92% of Americans and 2/3 of Germans) stated they drink wine at least once a week. Patterns of consumption have also changed, with less and less regular drinkers, but an increasing amount of occasional drinkers who want to drink less, but higher quality wines.

Surprisingly, women strongly prefer red wine, with 2/3 of French women and 79% of Americans stating a strong preferences for the more concentrated and aromatic red. Marketing to women in wine is not only about having pink labels, though: the French marketing agency I.D.Vin led a study and found the 5 key traits to effectively communicate to women in the wine sector.

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2 réponses à Women and wine

  1. Stephane GIRARD dit :

    Cela ne m’étonne pas du tout car depuis que nous avons lancé WINE by ONE, à côté de la Place Vendôme, nous constatons que nous avons une clientèle beaucoup plus féminine que dans les établissements traditionnels dédiés au vin.
    Article très intéressant! Bravo!

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