Women eat differently during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special moment in a woman’s life. While we’re familiar with the physiological and psychological consequences, there’s a shortage of studies in the field of marketing. Yet the period of pregnancy alters women’s consumption habits significantly: here’s an analysis of the very specific consumer profile that is the pregnant woman.

The first profound change during pregnancy concerns products that are deemed dangerous for babies, where we see consumption levels drop. Alcohol is a particularly representative example, as a report from the Ecole de Santé Publique (French School of Public Health) showed. According to a study led by the Health Council of the Netherlands in 2005, 80% of women of reproductive age drink alcohol regularly but two-thirds of them stop drinking alcohol altogether from the 3rd month of pregnancy onwards. This behaviour isn’t observed everywhere to the same degree (in the United States, for example, half of pregnant women admit to having drunk alcohol at least once during the last month of pregnancy), but an unequivocal conclusion emerges nevertheless: women make an effort to reduce their consumption of harmful products during their pregnancy.

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