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Renault Clio: the « Va va voom » for men and women

In March 2013, the Renault Clio launched its famous slogan « Va Va Voom » across the Channel to attract English-speaking people who like the French romanticism. Through a commercial filmed with a « hidden camera », Renault trapped his feminine and masculine clients and exposed them to all the clichés of the Parisian charm.

« Moulin Rouge », « Voulez-vous couchez avec moi », « Je t’aime », « Eiffel Tower », just ask a few English what their favorite French words are and you can get an idea of one of the main pictures of France abroad: the country of eroticism and romance.

« Va va voom », the Clio’s charm

This « French touch » is the selling point of the Clio across the Channel. “Va va voom” has
been the slogan of the brand for a few years and Renault proudly uses this expression in its advertising. “Va va voom” is said about something exhilarating, erotic and exciting.  In the 2011 campaign, Thiery Henry compared it with the French “Wow”, and Vita Dita Von Teese described it with all her sensuality: « Va Va Voom expresses passion or sexual desire for something. Maybe it is not sexual, but it makes you feel like that when you see it. You want it and you cannot even explain this desire.

Gender Marketing Encounters: Renault-OMD-Publicis Conseil

Renault-OMD-Publicis Conseil interview

Laure Grégoire-Braems, Marketing Strategy supervisor, Renault
Cyril Forget, Media Analyst for Communicatons Director of models & brands at Renault
Sophie Benkemoun and Hélène Duvoux-Mauguet, strategic planners at Publicis Conseil
Maria de Saint Roman, Strategic Director at OMD
Elisabeth Tran, Insight Director at OMD
Stéphanie Duhamel, international advertising sales director and Carole Barkatz, marketing strategy director at

20th December 2011

Agence L / Womenology
What percentage of your consumers and shoppers are female?

Renault – OMD – Publicis Conseil
In the studies that we have available to us and that are based on the main driver of the car (i.e. the registered keeper of the vehicle), 1/3 of new car buyers are women. In the small car segments (Twingo, Clio, etc.), this reaches 50%.
But these studies tend to underestimate the weight of women as secondary drivers (i.e. not the registered keeper of the vehicle), such as mothers, for example.

Renault teams up with Mauboussin to re-invent the Twingo

A new jewel dedicated to women: the Twingo Mauboussin.

Mauboussin has once again broken the codes of the jewellery world by partnering up with the world famous car manufacturer.
On Valentine’s Day 2012, Renault released a special edition of their essential Twingo. The initiative is part of a new marketing approach that targets women by using co-branding. It should be noted that this special series Twingo is not the first for women. Indeed, in November 2010, Renault released the limited edition Miss Sixty.