“Without the internet, I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today”

A meeting with Capucine, the creator of the blog Babillages

How did you think of the idea to create Babillages?

I was 19 and a student in communication and journalism. I started my first internship in women’s press, mainly in the beauty sections. That gave me the desire to do this job so I started a blog on beauty. At this moment in time, I hadn’t really had the opportunity to write in the magazines which I worked for, so the blog seemed to me an obvious way to prove that I was interested in this industry. That’s when I got myself into the game. The internet users are really connected with each other over it. The blog was no longer an advertising space to my potential employers. That was 7 years ago now! Babillages is a great adventure. I have grown up with my blog and the blog has grown too. I am also in the middle of working on a new version of Babillages which will mark a true turning point in my professional life. I want to put forward a much richer experience which I hope would please my readers! My blog will in effect transform itself into a real website…But that’s all I’m going to tell you, patience!

According to you, how has the internet changed the daily lives of women?

For me, it is clear that the internet allow us to access information quickly and easily. In general, I think it is one of the biggest revolutions which has changed the lives of people who are confused. I am not a sociologist or an expert in the subject, but it is true that thanks to the internet, women feel more able to speak up and be more accomplished in life. The internet allows for the wider circulation of messages in a much easier way than before: so I think that the reverb is in general a lot stronger when people are trying to defend women’s rights. Personally, I must admit that I often wonder what my life would be like without the internet. I think it would have been totally different. I wouldn’t be the woman that I am today: the internet pushed me to create my own business alone, without having to ask anything or anyone. The internet has given me a lot of opportunities!

How have you managed to build a community passionate about beauty?

I must confess that at the beginning it was completely by chance. I was young and I didn’t really know where to set my feet. And so this community was mainly built…by chance! Then, I quickly understood that my readers followed me for who I am and my opinions. Babillages has always worked because there is nothing else like it. Which is why I am continually looking to reinvent Babillages, I often question its business model in order to keep moving forward. I think one of the bonuses of the beauty industry is its authenticity. You can closely affect the people you address.

The brands also understand this well: today we are swimming towards an era of naturalness, where brands are trying to be as honest as possible concerning their product formula and also want to impart harmonious values and stories. I have also been lucky to benefit from certain press releases in lots of magazines, which has engaged the interest of their readers in my blog. Currently, I am really looking to get a loyal audience so that they are as solid as possible. In order to do that, I am not changing the custom of the blog: I want to be as honest and close to my readers as possible. I always feel so bad when I can’t reply to their messages on time! It is important to be there for them.

What is it that makes your blog different from the others?

Me. It’s as simple as that! Each blog is unique because each person who hides behind a blog is unique with their own sensitivities, their pen, etc… My biggest achievement is to have made Babillages a reference point in the world of beauty pros. Many brands and cosmetic groups read my blog, whether they agree with what my readers and I have to say or not. It’s pretty crazy because I know among some people I have managed to acquire a “caution” status, which is a good sign of success in my eyes! Strong from this professional recognition and from the super positive opinions from my readers, I wanted to make Babillages my full-time profession in order to keep exceeding myself.

Babillages is a web AND beauty adventure all at once. I regularly question my support and content. I want my readers to feel at home when they read the blog because it is theirs after all. I think this is what gives Babillages its strength: its vision of beauty, its handling of beauty information, its peerless community and giving readers the ability to quickly reinvent themselves with the latest trends and opportunities.

How does the web bring new opportunities to brands? Especially in the beauty industry?

Inevitably, the web has brought with it a closeness that was not as obvious before. The field of possibilities in the subject of communication and marketing has totally widened: I almost want to say that anything is possible today! The web has changed its uses: today we can easily access information on the true colour rendering and texture of lipstick, we can read consumer opinions to guide us in our purchases, etc… Brands have adapted themselves and began to create dedicated “brand content” to the web, often thought as a part of a 360 strategy, faithful to the users’ journey. All the major brands have their own web platforms allowing them to edit dedicated, varied and targeted content. For example, I’m a fan of Get The Look by L’Oréal Paris: the campaign is relatively low-profile, but I read the beauty and lifestyle content on it and I learn a lot of things…without feeling that I have to read all the publicity. The famous advertorial seen again and again in the press is also declined on internet sites and blogs. My opinion is rather split on this subject. When the sponsored bill doesn’t propose an experience interesting enough or when the brand doesn’t project into the web medium which it wants to integrate in, it regularly doesn’t work. It doesn’t seem natural and the internet users don’t appreciate it. However, when there is a true synergy between the web editor and the brand, writing a story together really works!


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