Gender Marketing encounters: Thierry Maurice

Interview with Thierry Maurice, CEO of the dating website

Womenology: Older women represent a very important market for marketers, what are the expectations of this target audience in your opinion?

Yes, because they are more likely to be regaining control over their lives, which inevitably involves the « consumption » of beauty products, travel, dating sites, etc … Older women are not what they were, they don’t want to give up anything, nothing, except giving up… but there is one area in which they don’t express themselves enough, love and sex, despite how far it has come in recent years.

Womenology: How do you explain the boom in online dating sites over the past few years?

Our lifestyle, attitude changes and the low cost of the dating website service compared to marriage agencies have caused the success of dating websites.

Womenology: What are older women’s digital habits? Do they take the same approach as older men? Do women use the internet differently?

Older women are certainly more active and dynamic than men, particularly when it comes to regaining control over their lives, they are also more open.

Womenology: Do you think  “senior” dating website are still « taboo » in our society?

They are no longer a taboo for a large number of our “seniors,” but the senior population are still largely reluctant to sign up, speak openly and show their interest for such sites.

Womenology: What is your dating site’s strategy to appeal to older women? How do you communicate with this target audience?

For women and men, when it comes to seniors we need to guarantee and reassure.

Womenology: What percentage of subscribers of your site are women?

There is a high proportion of women, 64 %.

Womenology: “Senior” dating sites are multiplying on the web, what is the added value of www.appart –

We were the first to launch our site and it has been around since 2005 and is now a point of reference, our main added value is the experience, the seriousness.

Womenology: Are your adverts tailor made according to sex or are they the same for men and women?

Our messages are differentiated according to whether they are addressing a woman or a manwe use different images and often different text. It is difficult for me to go into more detail because it is quite strategic for us. We don’t exercise a difference in media planning as we haven’t observed any differences in this.

Womenology: People are talking more and more about female empowerment on dating sites. What do you think of the Gleeden and “Adopt un mec” (adopt a man) phenomena? Could they be launched on the senior target ?

We are seeing a real change in women’s approach to dating. They are now much more approachable and uninhibited than some men. Women have gained power in sex and they are claiming it. This is also true for older women but on a smaller scale, it’s just the start . The Gleeden and “Adopte un mec” phenomena are classed in this « provocative » group. Young people love this but is it just a passing fad or a changing society? At the moment the vast majority of older people are not ready for this type of site.

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