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When advertisers are ideologues: the sad struggle of the housewife under 50 years old

Jean Allary

Since its establishment in the 60s, the concept of « the housewife under 50″ has always been a problem.

Firstly, the definition, of purchasing manager is statistically unclear: are you a housewife when you’re single? What about single men? And single-parent families? And students who return to their parents on weekends?

Particularly macho, if many women were actually inactive 50 years ago (29% of mothers with two children under sixteen years was working in 1968), making the household a metonymy of the home was not supporter of progress, challenges the arguments of the General:

« Let’s see what happens in a house: the housewife wants to have a vacuum cleaner, a refrigerator, a washing machine and, if possible, an automobile. That is the movement. At the same time, she does not want her husband to debauch, that the boys put their feet on the table, and that the girls do not come at night. That is the order! The housewife wants progress, but she does not want the mess. »

To encourage men to accompany their partners, IKEA launches a space for men

In its Australian store in Homebush Bay, the famous Swedish chain has decided to create a “Mänland” for 4 days in September 2011, in other words a space dedicated to men who can wait in comfort while their parnters browse through the store. It’s an amusing idea that rightly takes into account gender differences when it comes to purchasing behaviour.

Source : INfluencia.

Having noticed that men often moan about accompanying their partners on lengthy shopping trips, the IKEA furniture brand has set up a space dedicated to men at the entrance of the store. On offer are free video consoles, pinball machines, hot dogs and alcoholic drinks, as well as TVs tuned into sports channels, placed in front of soft IKEA sofas. In short, everything has been done so that the men aren’t clock-watching while the women are pacing up and down the aisles. And when she’s finished? It’s simple: the store issues a buzzer to both partners so they can mutually let each other know when it’s time to meet at the checkout!

Marine Baudin-Sarlet huarache soldes

Castorama launches its DIY channel on YouTube

« Lancez-vous » (“Get involved”) is the name of the information channel from the French DIY retailer
Castorama. Broadcast on YouTube since April 2010, the channel explains home improvement projects in detail on video, with so many steps that it’s clear Castorama is targeting absolute beginners…

No more lonely DIY moments! This is the slogan of the new Castorama channel which, with more than 50 short but detailed videos (from 3 to 12 minutes long), keeps its promise while showing off its range of products that aim to make life easier, such as tiles that clip together…

Although the marketing isn’t forgotten about, users overall praise the usefulness of the initiative, particularly women who have often admitted to relying on their partners for this type of thing in the past, but now with the sharp rise in the number of women living on their own, things have changed. Castorama also feature women in their videos to show that the time when women merely took care of curtain and carpet choices has passed.

In France, where 6 out of 10 people admit to only doing DIY on very rare occasions, DIY appears to be getting easier thanks to these clear videos, where an expert carries out the DIY in question and makes comments on it, then a list summarising all the steps is displayed.

A related manual of almost 400 pages and an iPhone application complete this operation, which has already been a big hit (the YouTube videos have received almost 900,000 views since the creation of the channel!).

Marine Baudin-Sarlet

French Do-it-yourself retailer “Castorama” tutorials on YouTube

In the same spirit as its “week-end Castoche” DIY online programme, French DIY retailer Castorama has launched its own Youtube channel in 2010, featuring DIY video tutorials.

These videos, mostly intended for women, give a clear step-by-step demo showing how to achieve basic DIY projects or repairs, be it in two hours or in a day. You can find out how to tile your floor or walls, how to assemble a modular wardrobe system or how to build a shower cubicle… the whole thing explained with lively and joyful background music.

« You can say good-bye to those solitary moments of confusion in front of a DIY job! ». DIY is now fun and no longer the privilege of men.

Castorama channel has drawn 235 subscriptions, and has a total of approximately 500,000 views, all videos included. It has been so successful that it got mentioned on quite a number of French websites and newspapers.

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Women can now fix anything

Until the last decade, home repair was man’s duty. But women got tired of having to wait for their husbands to fix something and began to do it themselves. In response, brands started selling smaller, lighter and more ergonomic tools, which, they said, would give the same results than what’s shown in home and design magazines. Demand has changed. “People don’t come for a color anymore, but for an atmosphere: they want something soft, tonic, or maybe relaxing” says a French design specialist. Brands had to follow the trend, and they are now concerned about ecological matters and how pure their products are.
One of Bondex‘s biggest successes, for example, was the launching of a new collection of 235 products designed for women in 2000 which has incidentally been promoted in famous women magazines. maillots foot