The smartphone: a social tool simplifying women’s lives

In the United States, women tend to favor using their smartphones for social purposes. According to a survey from Prosper Mobile Insight, published in June 2012 (, men and women do not use their mobiles in the same way. Amongst others, activities that are exclusively done via smartphones are not the same according to the sex. The most fundamental differences concerns the use of emails, Facebook, search engines, and e-commerce sites.

Mobiles and tablets’ exclusive uses: Women prefer ‘social’ activities in comparison of men

The exclusive uses of women via their smartphones are mostly social networks: email, facebook and search engines.

57.3% of women reported checking their emails only on their mobile or tablet, against 44% of men. Regarding the use of Facebook, 48% of women say surfing on this network only via their smartphones / tablets, against only 36% of men. Same record for access to search engines, 50.9% of women reported using it via this device, against 39.4% of men.

Thus, the exclusive use of men on their mobile focuses less on ‘social’ practices. They attach similar importance to their IM and ; to a lesser extent, to the consultation of their bank account. 36% of men surveyed say using only their smartphones / tablets to get their Instant Messaging, against 32% of women.

Smartphones: partners of women during their races

Women like surfing on social networks via their smartphones to stay connected with their acquaintances, but also to search for information. This trend is confirmed thanks to mobile use of women in groceries. According to a survey from (USA), women are increasingly using their smartphones during their shopping. They use it especially for find inspiration about their purchases. (2)

Half of the respondents to this survey (December 2012) reported using their smartphones more often than in the past. Among them, 47% justify it because applications are quick and easy to use in stores. 36% say their smartphones help them to plan their weekly menus. (2)

Pinterest: an excellent source of information and suggestions

For inspiration, upstream of their shopping, women also consult social networks like Pinterest. 30% of respondents to the survey ( ) say they visit this site at least once a week.

Among those surfing on Pinterest, three-quarters said they had already tried new dishes inspired by this social and life-style network.

These new tools enable women to simplify their lives while creating link on the web. That is why they represent real opportunities for marketers because they are now used in many different times of the day at home, but also in the store.

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