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Male and female views on underwear

A survey published in January 2012 by Kantar Worldpanel for The International Lingerie Salon in Paris analyses hot consumers trends relating to underwear. It reveals, in particular, that in regard to seduction, men and women are far from having the same perception on lingerie. Let’s take a look at these gender differences in relation to underwear.

 Less thongs, more comfort

In the big match between girdle and thong, the girdle amazingly wins. The survey shows that women buy thongs less than in the past. The thong simply isn’t fashionable anymore: between 2008 and 2011, purchases of thongs declined from 30 to 25%. On the other hand, shapewear could be the new brands’ spearhead. The girdle and high-waisted briefs are quickly regaining ground: 1 woman in 4 has one and 50% of women consider them to be practical buys, helping them to appear more slim or purchases which are fashionable again.

An 8-metre tall Marilyn Monroe in the streets of Chicago

On the 15th of July 2011, an impressive statue was unveiled in Chicago: with her white dress twirling around her, an 8-metre (26 foot) high Marilyn Monroe greets passers-by with an alluring smile. Half a century after her death, admiration for one of the film world’s greatest hasn’t waned.

Marilyn is a myth of femininity, a femininity displayed through curves (the actress was a size 12, far bigger than today’s size 4 models), sensuality and mischievous glances. By installing this giant statue in the streets of the city for a year, Chicago pays tribute to a woman who left her mark on the world of cinema.

Created by the sculptor Seward Johnson and entitled “Forever Marilyn”, the statue reveals to surprised onlookers the actress’ legs… all the way up to her lace underwear. Naturally, cameras don’t stop clicking around this piece of art which imitates the pose that made the actress famous in 1955’s The Seven Year Itch.

Christian Louboutin, the man with the red soles

A recent survey revealed that a pair of Louboutins are one of the 5 fashion items women dream of owning. The iconic red soles seem to hold a special spot for women, just as much, or more so, than men…

« The man with the red soles » has never stopped breaking pre-established codes. It was his impertinence that launched his career in fact: having seen a sign at the entrance to a museum that banned stiletto heels in order to preserve the wooden floor, he decided to set about creating such sensual shoes. Aged 16 and armed with his sketches, he knocked on the door of music halls, but without success. Instead of giving up, he decided to get some training at the professionals: Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent then Roger Vivier… before finally launching his own brand in 1992.

Dement, lingerie with magnetic powers

Thanks to Laëtitia Schlumberger, an age-old fantasy is now possible: she has created Dement, a collection of magnetic underwear that men can ferociously rip off… without causing any damage. Dement’s lingerie is quite simply magnetic!

Women have reason to celebrate: from now on, they can surprise men with underwear that’s both sexy and fun: gone are the days of struggling to unfasten a bra or clumsily slipping off a pair of pants. This underwear, attached through an invisible magnetic system, can be ripped off with no consequences to the garments.

Women and their heels

They’ve become a symbol of femininity and sensuality that nearly all men say they appreciate. Yet a recent study led by researchers at Northumbria University concluded that the majority of men are unable to remember if a woman who’s just passed in front of them was wearing heels or not; they only notice her overall look… and so a myth falls apart. Does this mean that women should stop damaging their feet in unwearable stilettos? You wouldn’t bet on it!

It’s good news for women who are reluctant to inflict 4-inch heels on their feet just to follow the fashion set by the series Sex and the City: men don’t notice the type of that women wear. One of the researchers, Dr Neave concludes: « Women are spending money on high heels, which can be dangerous, presumably to make themselves look good and add to what nature has given them […]But scientifically we know very little about this.« 

Abercrombie & Fitch’s new push-up bras for “kids” upset a wide audience

Abercrombie and Fitch has once again created buzz around its products—this time, though, it has caused a stir with its audience. In April, the clothing chain began selling padded bikinis at their children’s stores which are aimed for 8 to 14-year-olds. This has sparked controversy among parents and the media who are concerned with the over-sexualization of youth today. The brand has attempted to relabel the bathing suits as bras for 12-14 year olds, but the negative buzz has already made the rounds and has spread all around the internet. We are thus left wondering: great publicity stunt or terrible marketing idea?

To each their own thong: a look at women’s experiences

QualiQuanti led a study of 200 women, aged 13 to 30, about their experiences with thongs. There are many different types of attitudes when it comes to thongs: some wear them all the time, some never, and some change depending on the outift.

From being an unassuming completion to an outfit, or in a sexier version, there are an infinite amount of designs and colors to choose from.

A lot of women wear them to feel sexier when going out, and many expressed liking the femininity it brought them. However, there are other women for which thongs are vulgar, so opinions vary wildly depending on a person’s demographics.

Study on women and dressing for the workplace

Over 70% of women surveyed say they never or rarely dress sexy to go to the office; while opinions are very divergent on the matter, women in the survey all noted that being well-dressed was a gauge of credibility and competency.

The number one important factor for women at work is thus their professional image, which many say is extremely important to them. What is surprising, however, is the amount of sexual tension that women in France have experienced at work; almost three fourths of women surveyed said that they had been aware of sexual advances from a superior, but 90% have never acted on it.

In the end, most women agree that sexuality is inappropriate for the workplace and are working hard to maintain professional relations while at work. To read some more specific verbatims from the study, continue on to the article here.  nike air max homme pas cher

Women and men’s divergent opinions about women’s stockings

Almost 80% of women wear stockings or tights regularly, but less than half think that there’s something erotic about them; apparently for men, there is: 77% think that the sex appeal of tights is underused by women.

There is, still an element of desireability for women: women who wear stockings primarily wear them to attract mens’ gaze, and less often just because they look good or make them feel sexy.

In terms of colors, though, both sexes agree: the sexiest are black tights, with colored stockings falling largely out of favor with both men and women.

To read more in detail about the survey, head on over to the French version of the article.