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Are Women Crazy About Smartphones?

In April 2013, in partnership with eBay, revealed a study on the relationship between women and their mobiles. (1) How do they use their mobile phones? Where, when and how do they use them? What benefits do they obtain from them in their everyday lives? How do they perceive online shopping on their mobiles (m-commerce)? Here is the precise decoding of an online survey of 3,000 Internet users in seven European countries: Belgium, France, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain and Poland.

The smartphone: a social tool simplifying women’s lives

In the United States, women tend to favor using their smartphones for social purposes. According to a survey from Prosper Mobile Insight, published in June 2012 (, men and women do not use their mobiles in the same way. Amongst others, activities that are exclusively done via smartphones are not the same according to the sex. The most fundamental differences concerns the use of emails, Facebook, search engines, and e-commerce sites.

Smartphone mothers: the new pioneers in mobile consumerism

It may be time to give a nod to the technological prowess of mothers… yes that’s right; the age of the Smartphone mother is upon us.

Although initially surprising, the abundance of Smartphone mothers makes a lot of sense. Mothers have evolved into avid media consumers, on average they spend 10.1 hours every day using a variety of media, 27% of which is spent on their mobile phones, on par with television which tops the ranks with 28%. (Inmobi Research)

Smartphones attract more and more women

Who said technological gadgets were a man’s privilege? In 2011, the smartphones market has been marked by growing interest on the part of women, who appreciate it in particular for its easy access to social networks.

Women drive adoption of smartphones

A woman and her smartphone.

During the 4th semester of 2011, France counted 19 million mobile Internet users, a 23% increase compared to last year, according to a survey by Mediametrie conducted in January 2012.

The profile of these users has become progressively more feminine and young. 43% of mobile Internet users are women, up from 40% just a year ago, and about 1 mobile Internet user in 2 is under the age of 35.

“Ten hot trends of consumer for 2012”, a study by Ericsson Consumlab, even considers that women drive adoption of smartphones because smartphones allow them to integrate all the various communications channels in one device. Whereas men use their smartphone for video or VoIP – a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over computer networks – women prefer more classical services like calls, texts and Facebook.

Male/female differences in the use of mobile phones

In March 2011, Mobistar led a study to better understand the way in which men and women use their mobile phones. Here are the main results.

Ownership of mobile phones varies according to gender. According to the site Hemmer, 87% of men own one, as opposed to 79% of women. But this gap no longer exists amongst the younger generations (14 – 25 years of age): 92% of girls versus 87% of boys have a mobile phone, and they mainly use it for texting.

On average, women make more use of their mobiles than men. They phone for 19 minutes more than men every month and send 51 more texts. This more intensive use is mainly due to the fact that women phone their family and friends more often than men for a catch-up whereas men wait to have something concrete to say before calling: according to a study, calls (to landlines and mobiles) made by women are to family members in 66% of cases, and only 45% in the case of calls made by men.
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