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American mums are short on friends

After the birth of their children, women tend to go out less and dedicate less time to each other. Focus on the family unit is to the detriment of relations with friends. According to a study led by CafeMom, mums claim that while they know a lot of people, they rarely have true friends… which they miss enormously.

On average, mums have two true friends, and 30% think that none of the people they know can be considered as a friend. These relations are therefore superficial, involving people with whom they share some nice moments but whom they don’t feel they could rely on in times of crisis.

While they converse a lot with neighbours (particularly mums whose children go to the same school), these relationships are not considered to be very close for two-thirds of them. Moreover, 32% never speak to their neighbours.
The concept of « local community », with solidarity and mutual aid amongst neighbours, isn’t a reality for them: « You shouldn’t believe what you see on Desperate Housewives, I’ve never been greeted with muffins when moving to a new area! » says one young mum ironically. canada goose france

CafeMom website creates an indicator of mums’ quality of life

CafeMom’s indicator came into being because of an observation: as mums are generally the bond that cements family relations, their mood greatly influences the overall frame of mind of the household.
This is why, in summer 2010, the site decided to create the MomIndex, a bi-annual index that measures the quality of life of American mums.

The aim of this new type of index was to show that mums’ satisfaction in life doesn’t just depend on their level of education or their salary, but on human factors above all else. CafeMom identified 5 major themes that influence mums’ wellbeing: themselves, their children, their relationships, their financial situation, and the world in which they live.

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American women and social networks: a strong influence from blogs

A study of almost 4000 women in the United States sponsored by BlogHer, iVillage, and Compass Partners asks: what is women’s relationship to social media?

Since about 80 million women in the U.S. are internet users, and 42 million of them use social networks at least weekly, it is important to gauge interest levels and tendencies in order to better target marketing campaigns.

So what does this study show?
First of all, the most “socially active” women online are the GenXers, aged 27 to 43.
Second, there is a large distinction between which media types are used for what purpose—so a woman seeking to keep in touch with friends will use social networks, while someone looking for advice on beauty products will more likely check blogs first.
Finally, traditional media’s influence is declining significantly, with many women turning to the internet as the primary mode of gathering information and keeping up with friends.

To see more trends from the study, follow the blog here.