Innovation must create an original and special relationship by being closer to the women

Meet Dr. Marcel Saucet, Marketing, associate professor and researcher at the University of San Diego. He heads laboratory, expert advice in marketing innovation.

What do you think are the most promising innovations aimed at women sectors?

Cosmetics: During the last 15 years, cosmetics are one of the few sectors of growth. Recent studies have shown the average market growth of 5% in terms of quantity. We can compare cosmetics to new technologies and indeed, this is an area that does continually evolve, and the products become obsolete very quickly as it lacks in the innovation in products, ideas and in the distribution. New beauty box, Birchbox allow consumers to test several beauty products every month when they get subscribed.

Another innovation in the way we distribute with the Lush brand that offers cosmetics for women: Once a year, magazine sellers are clients and little interest except that of the view by itself and thus attract new consumers. Cosmetics are also changing rapidly with new technologies. The case for example, companies that specialize in makeup that offer their clients to test new makeup applications via augmented reality. While you are alone in front of your phone without makeup, applying a clear picture of who you are made up!

In your research have you highlighted key success factors in terms of marketing innovation?

The key success factors are numerous. To mention only the main factors, a company must:

*Think outside the box. That is, into new territories. Take the example of women passing on the street and arrested by a great advertising by Gemey Maybelline nail vermis (see photo below). The brand has decided to invade the streets, innovate and through facts, surprised their client.

*Forget the conventional wisdom, the forces of supply and demand no longer exists. We need to create demand and supply. Take the example of Nivea brand and its anti cellulite cream for example. Nivea has decided to change their way of communicating (a belief in Nivea was particular focus on television ads), and installing the subway sofa. Nivea is quite original.

Innovation is not expensive and is not just for big companies. Take the example of online dating to launch the German site decided to let a woman in sock washing machines laundromats with writing the slogan « single? »

What are the essential women’s expectations on which marketers should focus their attentions to innovate?

Women are more attentive to detail. It may be stereotypical, but it is true. Take the example of Nivea who offered only to women, solar chargers for mobile phones slipped into women’s magazines to promote its female sunscreens in Rio de Janeiro. Marketers must also anticipate changes in women’s fashion and follow the trend of the times and do not hesitate to continuously rise. We can take the example of Snapchat application that has attracted a female audience. 83 million users of the audiences, 65% are women, and they can send pictures of themselves unimpeded.

Beyond marketing innovation, which direction should take the innovation in terms of communication to captivate women?

Innovation must create an original and privileged relationship by being closer to women. The shop of clothes Ann Summers in London often performs operations of street marketing. They customize bags (see picture below), and organize parade in lingerie on the street. Recall that a woman sees more than 1,000 brands a day, so we must differentiate. Actions must be original and creative.

What role should digital play?

Digital is the present and the future of marketing. It is observed that the communication channels are no longer independent but interdependent. The connected objects are becoming more numerous and they can be paired with the Street Marketing. Everyone is constantly connected whether at home, at work or outside. A woman will get up in the morning in front of the mirror putting on makeup while keeping connected on the same ice news, dressing by dressing logged, on the route to get to work, she will receive notification of their favorite brands and shops.


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