Smartphone mothers: the new pioneers in mobile consumerism

It may be time to give a nod to the technological prowess of mothers… yes that’s right; the age of the Smartphone mother is upon us.

Although initially surprising, the abundance of Smartphone mothers makes a lot of sense. Mothers have evolved into avid media consumers, on average they spend 10.1 hours every day using a variety of media, 27% of which is spent on their mobile phones, on par with television which tops the ranks with 28%. (Inmobi Research)

It is generally accepted that mothers lead fast paced and multi-dimensional lifestyles. Their innate ability to multi task makes the seemingly impossible look like a walk in the park. What has gone hand in hand with this hectic lifestyle is the Smartphone; it acts as a perfect tool to plan your days, do your shopping and communicate with friends all at the same time.

Mothers also have substantial spending power. According to BSM media, U.S. mothers control $2.4 trillion in household purchases every year and wield substantial influence over most everyday buying decisions. From their Smartphone they can discover items, research them, buy them and share them all in a matter of minutes. This is all from a device that, according to Inmobi Research, they argue is easy to use (67%), always to hand (67%) and private in terms of media consumption (57%). The balance of all these factors is highly attractive to marketers as it provides them with great opportunity to engage, influence and learn from mothers in a highly personalized, consumer based environment.

Smartphones provide a brilliant advertising platform and mothers who use them are well aware of this. 56% of mobile mothers feel that mobile advertising has introduced them to something new, 42% feel that it had saved money and time, 18% say mobile ads had influenced a purchase and interestingly, 27% said they had influenced a purchase decision in-store. Furthermore mobile mothers lead the pack in mobile spending; 30% claim to have spent more than $50 via their mobiles and 80% plan to conduct mobile purchases within the next year. (Inmobi Research)

With Smartphones now considered vital entertainment tools and 88% of mobile mothers hooked on Facebook and other social media; it is worth paying attention to how mothers use their phones not just to keep in touch, but also to interact with brands online. Mobile technologies give mothers tools to research, decide and buy seamlessly saving time, money and stress.

The increase in Smartphone sales and the increase in trusting mobile content relates directly to the growth in mobile content sales. The Smartphone mothers is always connected, sensitive to advertisements and branding, has spending power and is active on social media rendering them and important demographic which should not be ignored. The relationship Smartphone mothers have with their mobiles provides a great opportunity for marketers to understand their needs, build trust and up the conversion rates.

Thibault Cozic-Shaw


Bsmmedia : Maria Bailey : Building Stronger Brands With The Most Influential Consumer Segment: Mobile Mothers nike air max

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