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Smartphone mothers: the new pioneers in mobile consumerism

It may be time to give a nod to the technological prowess of mothers… yes that’s right; the age of the Smartphone mother is upon us.

Although initially surprising, the abundance of Smartphone mothers makes a lot of sense. Mothers have evolved into avid media consumers, on average they spend 10.1 hours every day using a variety of media, 27% of which is spent on their mobile phones, on par with television which tops the ranks with 28%. (Inmobi Research)

Interview with Siobhan Freegard Co-Founder of Netmums

Co-Founder of Netmums

Siobhan Freegard Co-Founder of Netmums


25/09/2012 – Paris


Hi Siobhan, could you tell us a little bit about Netmums?

Siobhan, Netmums

Founded in 2000 Netmums is the UK’s largest women’s website. Twice the size of any other parenting site, Netmums is the only one with more than a million unique users each week.
The site hosts over 150 local websites, 1,500 bloggers and 500 national meet-up groups for mums, making it the UK’s top place for connecting parents. And Netmums is the also only parenting site to provide round the clock care. Each year over three and a half million parents are supported by Netmums specially trained teams of parenting experts, including staff from Relate, Women’s Aid and the Family Rights Group. The site also provides one-to-one support for more than 30,000 of the?UK’s most vulnerable mums each year