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Professional women, a perfect target for the fashion industry

Women in high-level professions and leadership roles are being targeted by the fashion industry due to their purchasing power and affinity for stylish, high-quality clothes.

Since current trends are moving away from traditional business atire (read: pantsuits), labels like Céline, Diane von Furstenberg, and Max Mara have expanded their lines to include more business-friendly items in their ready-to-wear collections.

Some French women in the news have also began to set their own trends: from Carla Bruni’s perfectly tailored dresses and Louboutins, to Anne Lauvergeon’s leather jacket, womens’ business outfits are sure to keep evolving.

Study on women and dressing for the workplace

Over 70% of women surveyed say they never or rarely dress sexy to go to the office; while opinions are very divergent on the matter, women in the survey all noted that being well-dressed was a gauge of credibility and competency.

The number one important factor for women at work is thus their professional image, which many say is extremely important to them. What is surprising, however, is the amount of sexual tension that women in France have experienced at work; almost three fourths of women surveyed said that they had been aware of sexual advances from a superior, but 90% have never acted on it.

In the end, most women agree that sexuality is inappropriate for the workplace and are working hard to maintain professional relations while at work. To read some more specific verbatims from the study, continue on to the article here.  nike air max homme pas cher